iZombie: Thug Death
May 6, 2019 12:59 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Liv and Clive try to solve a murder with no body and no brain.

Kind of a table-setting episode, but it's first of a two-parter, so I'm not going to judge it too much.

I highly enjoyed Ravi on Thumb-Breaker Barnes brain though, and his staredown with Crybaby. I think that was a good move on the writers to give Ravi the brain instead of Liv, since she's had a tough guy episode already, and it made the scene of Ravi breaking through the brain's effects when Isobel was mentioned that much more emotional.
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This episode seemed a bit unfocused, but after four good seasons I trust them to pull things together in the second part and for the rest of the season. Still, it was great to have everyone back!
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I enjoy this show. Ravi's thumb-breaker was both horrifying (poor, poor Peyton thinking, "I have to deal with THIS for a week?") and hilarious. Trying to watch real Ravi fight his way through thumb-breaker brain to try to communicate with the doctor not to out her awesome new idea was memorable.

Yeah, notice how the black female doctor is told to consult with white guys at the end? Sigh.
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It was a bit on the nose with Dr. White, Dr Rich, and Professor Mann.
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To be fair, this is a show where the protagonist is Liv Moore, and I'm somehow rooting for moral paragon Major Lilywhite. The writing has a lot of good twists and turns, but cutesy naming has always been their deal.
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Liv Moore


i... i need to go lie down...
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Don’t forget Fill More Graves!
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