Warrior: Chinese Boxing
June 7, 2019 8:41 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Chinatown gathers to witness a "prize fight" between elite warriors from the Hop Wei and Long Zii. Buckley and Mercer discuss wages, while Bill and Lee question Wang Chao about the recent series of sword killings in San Francisco. "Sometime white people kill white people, no?"

Bulletproof Action recaps the episode and IDs some notable guest actors.

The episode title refers to Sanshou (Wushu Sanshou), also known as Sanda (Wushu Sanda), Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing, is a Chinese self-defense system and combat sport. (Wikipedia)

Episode on Tunefind
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Chekhov's ring of fire!
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"We're having a moment here, man! Don't fuck it up with the truth."
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I am so thick that it was only today while watching this episode that I realized the protagonist's name, Ah Sahm, is a homonym for Awesome.
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realized the protagonist's name

I don't see it explicitly stated anywhere, but I was preoccupied with Ah Sahm meaning "number three," in the vernacular, which Southern Chinese called their kids as nicknames (by number, past the first son).

It's possible that it's a coincidence but "Ah Sahm" sounds so much like "Ah Sahm" as "Number Three," that I can't discount it.

As an example, evidence, 'A Better Tomorrow 2' (a 1987 HK film) has an "Ah Sahm" who takes the American English name of Sam when in America, is "Number Three" in Chinese (Cantonese), to his closest friends/ family.

"3" is also a popular trope, for those who have to to be recognized/ achieve better than the inheritance that "1" received, historically, by default. q.v. 'Stardust' re: (mostly) incompetent royals named numerically, failures of 2nd/ 3rd generation inheritances, Politics/ Church/ Military (1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- born sons, respectively) of the Western Medieval period.
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