Los Espookys: El espejo maldito (The Cursed Mirror)
July 6, 2019 4:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Los Espookys agree to help a U.S. ambassador fake her own abduction in exchange for the visas they need to work with legendary director Bianca Nova; Bianca turns to Tico to help her write her latest horror film.
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I cackled when the camera panned out from Renaldo while his mom tried to interest him in sex with the pretty neighbor, to reveal that Andrés and Úrsula were there. And then the witch teddy bear and Christian song to try to woo him away from waiting for horror. Oh, Carmencita... at least you managed to take Úrsula's mind off her Hierabalite troubles for awhile.

Felt for Andrés this episode, there is nothing worse than when someone just insists on making you watch some movie you have no interest in. Between the bossy shadow of the water and his manipulative parents, Andrés can't even enjoy his bejeweled juice box in peace!

Juan Carlos spouting "love wins" when Andrés agrees to marry him to avoid losing access to his family money made me cringe-guffaw.

I hope working with Bianca Nova turns out to be worth rescuing the ambassador from a cursed mirror dimension - her collaboration with Tico doesn't seem promising so far.

I do really like the ambassador for the US being essentially a social media influencer. Maybe she will decide she likes the mirror dimension, if she has access to enough cursed mirrors/viewers.
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This is such a wonderfully goofy show; I never know what to expect from episode to episode -- in the pilot thread I said there was no real supernatural element, yet now we have the ambassador trapped in a cursed mirror and Andrés dream-conversing with a spirit.
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I am loving this show very much.
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I'm so glad there are legit spooky things happening! It's the only thing that could have improved this show.

Big Emilia Clarke energy from Carmencita. I hope she isn't really gone...
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I am assuming that Carmencita will end up a next door neighbor one of the other main cast members or a haunt quite soon. Her leases are so forgiving.

I like that the silent parasitic aquatic demon is subtitled in both Spanish and English, and would like to have you all consider the possibility that the entire series is also subtitled in silent parasitic aquatic demon, just in case any of them are watching.

I do think that giving into the parasitic aquatic demon's demands is a mistake, and will only result in Andres having to watch more oscar nominated costume dramas.

Renaldo considering horror and gazing into the distance really cements why he and Andres are friends. (Also, I really like all of the different types of queer representation we have been getting here)
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We queers do occur in clusters.

This show is such a damn delight. It’s just so utterly itself.
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Also, Úrsula can get it.
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