Neon Genesis Evangelion: In the Still Darkness / The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still[   First Watch 
July 8, 2019 8:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

A city-wide power outage puts NERV into a crisis as another Angel invades Tokyo-3. Shinji, Rei and Asuka attempt to make their way into the headquarters as NERV personnel ready the Evas for manual deployment.
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Yet another monster-of-the-week episode, but they throw in a few curveballs! First of all, a mysterious saboteur! Second, all three Evas deployed at once! Third, and most important, Gendo doing something other than looking over his arched fingers and being mysterious!
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Nice to have more time with the background characters whose names I don’t know yet, fills in the world a little. And deputy commander has his own elevator at work but rides the subway there like everyone else. And they all have a totally natural conversation about details of the world everyone in the scene knows. Truly, we live in an age when science can solve all our problems!
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This is a really solid "angel of the week" episode. I love how much Matarael looks like a child's drawing of a daddy long legs but with WAY TOO MANY eyes.
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I found Matarael fairly unsettling—maybe it was the weeping corrosive goo. I guess it has molecular acid for tears, which is also pretty creepy. Thankfully it goes down to a single blast of rifle fire, perhaps they caught it in a weak spot.

The NERV staff hoisting everything by hand with ropes has a certain nautical flare that I loved.
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idk what I'd do if I walked into a train with a load of laundry and saw my boss sitting in the subway car. Thought Ritsuko & co. handled their surprise encounter with the deputy commander pretty smoothly!

Gendo's phone call with Shinji was harsh, ow. I'm sure I've seen other contentious father-son relationships in media before but at that moment, the closest thing I could think of was Tywin talking down to Tyrion from Game of Thrones.

I liked Asuka's initial reaction of being irritated that both Shinji and Rei were swiping their subway cards wrong, only to later realize hers wasn't working as well because the entire system was down.

The trio's scene at the end of the episode was a nice little moment - watching the stars clearly for once because all the lights were out in the city, then seeing the lights come back on and knowing the power got restored.
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