Perpetual Grace, LTD: Bull Face
July 15, 2019 10:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

New Leaf shares life lessons from time spent in the barrel. Scotty Sholes looks forward to new-found freedom. There are long hugs, serious discussions, and a peculiar concentration of activity involving, somehow, Mexico.
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... and Donald James DeLoash capitalizes on his extensive knowledge of trivia. Except for pop culture, let's just skip all that stuff.

"You know, a man can learn a lot in the barrel. Some physics. Basic principles of contortion. Then there's the heavy duty truth.

Here it is.

When someone has you over a barrel when someone puts you up against the wall you gotta bring your power down. Down into the dilemma. See red.

Then barrel into that motherfucker - like a bull - with all of it.

Bull Face. That's the expression. I've seen it, of the exercise of all your power.

Bull Face. I've faced it. And if you see someone coming at you Bull Face, man run."
posted by filthy light thief at 10:38 AM on July 15, 2019

I really like the director's brother, Chris Conrad (New Leaf), in both this and Patriot. (Looking at IMDB, he's like Michael J Fox on steroids.) And he changes looks so easily. I didn't recognize him between shows until it was pointed out to me. And then he looks different in the bull-barrel timeline than he does in the rest of the show? It's weird.

Honestly he's the heart of the show (one of 'em) and one of my few criticisms is that there are too many characters. Not sure if we're getting 10 or 13 episodes, I either assumed or read the former. Like, is the trio of cartel women going to be important? I just assumed so, but maybe not, and if they are, it's getting to be a lot, not that the show doesn't need women. Jacki Weaver being buried seems symbolic, honestly. Her character doesn't have much to do.

The trivia-cab scene was a creative way to convey information, and I liked the 'please can we skip the pop culture aspect of trivia'.

I did compose a comment last week (thanks for posting these) but nuked it because I was in a bad mood. Basically I said I think there might have been something special in the last episode but it was buried emotionally by the style, and I'd have to watch it again to figure that out. Ben Kingsley singing "When Doves Cry" should be Pure MeFi Bait but I guess no one watches! On pure 'enjoyment' grounds I liked this one better.

This show is about barriers and distance and the stilted dialog stands in for people's inability to truly communicate with one another/the stories they tell themselves. New Leaf's got a whole complex self-story positioning himself as a Good Guy for his attempts to sell frames, lenses, and eyeglass racks. Hope I'm not projecting too much
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