Abyss: Entire season 1
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Eobiseu is a Korean romantic sci-fi murder mystery soap opera now playing on Netflix

Abyss is a glowing marble that brings people back to life. Cha Min is an unattractive, but wealthy, bachelor who is contemplating suicide over a lost love. things go awry and he dies, but is brought back to life by aliens and the glowing orb -- the thing is, he's brought back in a new body, one that reflects his soul, which is beautiful. He then discovers that his friend, who he has long held an unrequited crush, has been murdered -- he resurrects her with Abyss, which has passed to him, and she returns, but in a body much less beautiful than before. together, they set out to solve her murder.
What follows is part rom/com, part sci-fi, part murder (oh, there's more than one!) mystery, and part soap opera (lots of cliff hanger endings).

It's fun!
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I'm halfway through ( I actually can't believe there are 16 episodes). Each episode is almost an hour, so I watch it when I can. The main characters are likable, the baddie is a dastardly foil for them, and a lot happens in most episodes. it's definitely different than standard american tv shows and I am enjoying it because it definitely doesn't take itself seriously. I think the acting is great too. Also, they eat A LOT of Subway.
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I've added this to my Netflix queue and am looking forward to checking it out!
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Ooooo this looking interesting. Thanks for the heads up!
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OK I thought I would comment again now I've watched a bit of it. I'm enjoying. I particularly like the kind of Greatest American Hero aspect of the orb.

One thing though-in the first episode there's a scene where the female lead comes out of what looks like a university building. Men are all there with flowers. She rejects them all to accept her father's flowers at which point they cheer him as father-in-law.

What is going on there? I'm getting this is some sort of right of passage thing, but no idea what it is.
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Oh and the killer's old man act is hilarious.
posted by miss-lapin at 1:21 AM on August 11

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