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I went to a fan-discussion panel at DragonCon this year for 'K-dramas you should be watching' -- most of them were streaming on Viki rather than Netflix, but I think Signal must have been added to Netflix recently, as it wasn't there last I looked.

I'm not planning on doing a post for every episode, the Dramabeans recaps are way better than any attempt of mine would be. But, since it's a time travel murder mystery, I figure it's best to have an episode 1 thread first before I move on to watching the rest of the season and posting the full-season thread.

I enjoyed the first episode; it definitely got me hooked to want to go on and find out what happened to Lee Jae-han back in 2000, and whether the 2015 characters are going to be changing the past and retaining memories of multiple pasts a la 'Frequency.'

Oddly, it seemed as if Netflix blurred out nearly every photograph that appeared on-screen. Copyright protection gone wild? I would have thought they'd have cleared the Batman image since it was referenced in dialogue.
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I enjoyed the first episode, and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a season focusing on a single case. It looks like not.

The blurred photos are a weird thing. Are there particularly stringent likeness rights in S. Korea? It seems like a picture of George Clooney as Batman could have been cleared, so I wasn't sure if this was just an intentional affect that might somehow pay off in the narrative later.
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It doesn't seem like the blurring happened in the original S. Korea broadcasts, judging from the unblurred screenshots in the Dramabeans recap they showed the Batman photo. That's what makes me think it was some kind of screw-up in the encoding of the video files delivered to Netflix, by human or bot.
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Finished the season last night -- I feel like I should put a warning in this thread that the very end was a bit of a let-down, but, overall it was a very suspenseful and moving series. Full season thread posted now for more spoilery thoughts.
posted by oh yeah! at 12:17 PM on October 20, 2019

Oh hey, I didn't realize there was also an ep 1 thread! I've already made my general thoughts about the show known on the full series post.

Regarding the blurring of photos:

I haven't watched this drama on Netflix, but I have watched a couple dramas on Netflix (notably one of my forever faves, Reply 1997) that I had watched when they were airing on their original broadcast, and it seems like it's a copyright or permission thing, since it only happened when it was perhaps a TV show playing or a poster for a movie or something. So the production company may have gotten the right to use that image when it originally aired, but not for worldwide release on Netflix.

The same is true for music. I've noticed that some of the dramas don't have the music used in the original broadcast and will be switched out for something super generic, which was a little disappointing especially for some shows that go back in the past when a particular song is extra meaningful, so I wonder if that happened for Signal, too.
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