American Horror Story: Red Dawn
October 17, 2019 6:31 AM - Season 9, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The massacre at Camp Redwood reaches a bloody apex as everybody goes spectacularly homicidal...-er. Good times!
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*I think I'm in love with Montana.

*A Brooke/Ray anti-christ ghost baby doesn't seem like an impossible twist, but the implication way back in Murder House wasn't that ghost/human sex had never taken place before (come on, right), but that it had never previously led to a pregnancy. I feel like we've kinda played out the apocalypse on this show already, and anyway it takes place in 1984, and spoiler alert, we're all still here 35 years later, therefore.

*I have serious Montana feelings I am not prepared to deal with

*A time jump would be pretty startling. Since most of the cast is now undead, they could leap right into the camp reopening in 2019 without too much difficulty. I'm not sure how I feel about five episodes of Emma Roberts in unconvincing makeup to make her look older, but it could be fun to make Brooke over into a 21c Laurie Strode survivalist type.

*Have we seen any references to previous seasons yet? Most of the action has taken place in the woods two hundred miles away from LA, so I suppose there hasn't been much occasion to interact with anybody. Murder House and Hotel are the most obvious points of intersection, but I don't think there's been anything yet -- unless the references were very subtle, which honestly, this show is rarely subtle.
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No, it's your fault I'm a monster! It's your fault I'll never be on the cover of TV Guide! It's your fault my future is in radio!

And with that, I’m fully back on board yet again.
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