Mystery Science Theater 3000: OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK   Rewatch 
October 17, 2019 6:15 AM - Season 8, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Rewatch! In a corporate-dominated dystopia, poor Aram Fingals gets caught "scrolling up cinemas" and so he's sent for "prophylactic rehab" to a wildlife refuge where his mind is "doppled" into a baboon (thankfully not an anteater!) because that's what is considered restorative recreation in THE FUTURE. The process is overseen by Apollonia Jones and... look, there's so much pointless jargon in this movie it's using up my supply of scare quotes so I'm going to stop the description there. Just scrounge up some creds for a bag of flavo-fibes and join us and the sadly late Raul Julia for OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK. Previously.
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I stand by my previous comments on the film, it is still a firm favourite.
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This movie is almost unwatchable for me, despite some good riffing.

The original John Varley short story isn't bad.
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It's time again for MST Club, our weekly episode-and-other-thing viewing group. If you want to join us, it begins at 7 PM (4 PM Pacific) Eastern time Thursday nights, at, with the episode beginning at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). I hope you can make it!
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Come as you are, to my atrium yeah yeah...
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I adore this movie. So much to love - its plot-within-a-plot, its absurdly uninformed depiction of hacking, the greatness of Raul Julia. It's been a while since I've seen it, not sure if I've ever seen it get the MST3K treatment. Time to find out.
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