Marco Polo: The Wolf And The Deer
December 16, 2014 3:03 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Marco learns more about the Mongol culture, checks out the spices and is schooled in combat. Mei Lin gets badass. Kublai Khan gets badass.

I really enjoyed this episode. The sub plots are intriguing. That final fight scene was a ripper. Kublai Khan is a man to watch.
On a bonus Benedict Wong note, check this out - 15 Storeys High.
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Just before the credits it reads 'In Memory of Our Friend Ju Kun'. He was the martial arts choreographer for the first episode. He was reported missing with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.
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I saw the "in memory of" too and went off to read about Ju Kun. He was a double for Jet Li. Also, there was another guy from this production who was also on the Malaysia flight. He didn't get a tribute from the show for whatever reason.

I'm on the fence about the fight scene with the khan and his brother. Neither is at peak physical ability but the khan has gout. Come on now.

Mei Lin is screwed and so is her daughter. It's almost charming the way she believes obeying her brother will help her.

Every time I hear "Marco," I yell out "Polo." It's a thing in the house now.
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It's a thing in the house now.

I'm only half-watching the show, but somehow every time the city is mentioned I manage to shout out "WUCHANG CLAN AIN'T NOTHIN' TO FUCK WITH", which has not endeared me to my girlfriend.
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I'm enjoying this series, though I think it's only around episode 4 that it fully finds footing. There's a lot of not knowing what to do with Marco in the first episodes, which is sort of not surprising in that he's as new to this world as we are.

Although it's stretching my disbelief a bit too much having a blind kung fu master. I feel like he'd be an interesting enough character without the magical stuff.
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Turns out that's kinda true.
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Heh. Magical, indeed. Wandering around effortlessly on top of the city walls and that entire scene with the rope and the Khan and just knowing where to go and who was friend or foe, not mention riding to battle against Ariq. *smh* I'm waiting for him to break out the paint and canvas next.
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