Garo: Honoo no Kokuin: Fallen Blood
December 16, 2014 6:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Alfonso and León join forces due to their shared goal of freeing Valiante from Horrors. Alfonso is introduced to Ema and Germán. Germán misunderstands his relationship to Alfonso, which leads to his reminiscing about his younger days with Anna and Bernardo. Meanwhile, Alfonso prepares a plan for attacking the castle. News of Rafael's death leads Mendoza to remember the origins of his rift with the Makai Order.
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Mendoza is an odd duck. I mean obviously the Makai Knights wouldn't be fine w/human experimental considering their beliefs and all. He should've just stopped and moved on to other experiments. It make me wonder though why he became a Makai Knight in the first place? Um, I don't really see why he would be nominated but maybe it's random?
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Mendoza was a Makai Priest, and the process for becoming a Makai Priest is similar to Makai Knights but also a bit different, since there's no armor to inherit or be given by one's mentor. Mendoza was probably born into a Makai Order family or an orphan taken in while still young (although parents in Makai Order families tend to die young, killed by Horrors or succumbing to various injuries and ailments accumulated from fighting Horrors).

One assumes he didn't have much of an inclination for becoming a Makai Knight, and apprenticed as a Makai Priest. He strikes me as somebody very bright, who wanted to be admired for his clever inventions, without actually considering the moral and ethical implications of his research. So I don't think moving on to other experiments would have yielded a different outcome for Mendoza - he just would have made something else that violated the Makai code or would have completely succumbed to the dark side because of his pride.
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