Marco Polo: Hashshashin
December 20, 2014 1:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Introduction of the assassins and related intrigue - nicely done. Bromance blossoms on the trail. Red kaleidoscope sex scene. Really? I'm lost for words.
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Was this the second or third orgy? I've lost count. Regardless, it was terrible. I did kinda hope they'd slip an image of MP making out with a dude into that stupid montage.

Anyway, I've slogged through the whole thing now so I'm done (it's too exhausting trying to be remember not to say something that might "spoil" someone) but I might pop back for ep 8 (the first half was funny and mean).

Keep going troopers. The end is nigh.
posted by Ik ben afgesneden at 9:09 AM on December 20, 2014

Yeah, the hallucinated orgy really had me thinking WTF?? I don't get why it was there, other than a reason to show more naked women. Mind you, I'm generally pro-nudity and pro-sex in films - I would rather see sex than violence - but it's truly annoying that there's still such a disparity between female and male nudity in things like this. When will we grow out of this? Ugh.
posted by dnash at 4:53 PM on December 20, 2014

That must be some really good hash.
posted by Catblack at 5:16 AM on December 21, 2014

When will we grow out of this? Ugh.

Watched this last night. GF told me she saw a dong in the orgy scene. I didn't, but that's progress, right?

This show gets so much wrong. The martial arts stuff is just ridiculously stupid, among other things. But it's enjoyable enough that I'm still watching. It's a way to kill time until Game of Thrones comes back.
posted by natteringnabob at 5:47 AM on December 27, 2014

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