Marco Polo: Prisoners
December 22, 2014 11:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

AAAHHHHHHHHH! A cute mini-cannon. Impotence rears it’s ugly head. We spend a lot of time preparing for an execution.

So many people willing to die for and with Marco. What a guy. All the ducks are lined up I guess.
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Chancellor: Sending a blind man was an usual choice, I would have sent someone . . . with sight. 

Empress: A gilded cage is a prison!
Chancellor: You'd change your mind in an actual prison. 

Empress: I want to see the Emperor (3 yrs old). 
Chancellor: He's busy with complicated matters of state. 

Chancellor to Yousif: Go on now, limp away.

Fake blue princess's BF: You said you'd die with me if we couldn't live together. Well, now's your chance to die with me!
FBP: Fuck that noise!

So, apparently non-Persian Ahkmed is running a long con on the Khan. (This is a guess.) Heh. I suppose he was just too damn nice to the heir.

I do feel cheated by not getting seeing the pieces of the prisoners raining down on the city. Also, not getting to see the battle. I was looking forward to those. ‎

I did enjoy the first half of the episode; funny and mean. The rest? Meh.
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I think that was all meant for ep 8. *hangs head*
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No, Ik ben afgesneden, I'm the one that should hang their head in shame. I mislabelled the episode as 8 when I posted it, then the mods kindly fixed it for me.
I'd actually like to thank you for being a consistent commenter, I'd otherwise feel I was just posting into the void.
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I was surprised in this episode by Sidao's reference to potter's field. I wouldn't have thought it would have been in common currency.
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Youssif shouldn't have had to sacrifice himself for Marco. This is a tired, tired trope.

Jhinghim's stupid, pointless speech about how he learned patience from his first hunt is completely and utterly at odds with how often Ahkmed has had to counsel him on being patient. Apparently the writers didn't watch the previous episodes. ‎

Were the constant refrains of "you shall die at dawn" supposed to build tension or make me annoyed?‎ It must have been six months before dawn finally broke on MP's day of execution‎. I kinda wanted him to die. Is that wrong?

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