Arcane: League of Legends: When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
November 19, 2021 3:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

An eager protege undermines his mentor on the council as a magical tech rapidly evolves. With authorities in pursuit, Jinx must face her past.
posted by KaizenSoze (2 comments total)
Has anyone else noticed the uncomfortable amount of breast that Jinx’s design shows off? Sexualizing an abused, mentally ill teenager is not a great look.

On the other hand, good work on the crows, I guess.
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:17 PM on November 29, 2021

To say something nice about the episode: I really liked the way that the little guy with the glasses shows up again and helps out Caitlyn and Vi, but then just as quickly betrays them when offered more Shimmer, which is a very addict thing to do. So that was a nice and well-contained bit of character development that felt real and natural.

I am a little confused about what Shimmer actually does, however -- we've seen it turn people into huge muscly versions of themselves, it seems to power Sevika's prosthetic arm, it went into the healing potion that Caitlyn gives Vi (unless that's another glowing purple liquid), and I guess it feels good? You think with a drug that did all that, Silco would be selling to the Council for military and medical applications....
posted by GenjiandProust at 5:42 AM on November 30, 2021

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