Yellowjackets: F Sharp
November 22, 2021 8:56 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The teens get their bearings as Misty finds hell on earth quite becoming. In the present: revenge, sex homework and the policeman formerly known as Goth.

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Really enjoying this show so far, even though I frequently have to avert my eyes from the bloodier moments. Just hoping it doesn't get too LOST-y/supernatural, so fingers crossed the woman in the tree that Taissa's son is afraid of is just a regular creepy person (maybe the person who's been sending the postcards?).
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Watched episodes 1,2 and 3 today and can't wait for more. I'm around the age of the characters and am loving the music and the mood. It is soooooooooo creepy and some parts are hard to watch, but they are doing a good job revealing bits and pieces so far.

I like it and will keep watching even if I am the only one.
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Watched episodes 1 and 2 tonight and it’s grim but I am in. I love the flashbacks and flash forwards and that things really are not what they seem. Also I could not believe that was Christina Ricci. I knew she looked familiar but I am so used to the Wednesday-Addams version that the blonde hair threw me. Juliette Lewis is a hot mess and I am here for it. My partner even commented on the hotel room scene as feeling very natural born killers.

Elvissa, we might be the only two! Lol
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Jumping onboard the Yellowjackets train (plane) a bit late, but I agree, elvissa, I graduated high school in 1994, so I am identifying with both the younger and older versions (I was absolutely in Nat and Kevyn's friend group). I am so dang impressed with the ways the young actors have effortlessly brought their older counterparts' speech patterns and mannerisms into their characters, especially young Nat. I suppose that mimicry might be going both ways, but I'm just familiar with Lewis and Lynskey and Ricci much moreso than the young versions.
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Also finally watching (so I don't need to wait for the final episode). I too am the same age -- loving the music. Huge fan of Lynskey, and I can't believe that is Ricci.

Lots of fun.
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Watched this last night, really enjoying it. I live in a sort of rural area so some of the nuance about trapping/dressing game is making sense to my spouse and I, but I realize the reviewers aren't picking up on.

Got up this morning to find a wild rabbit had gotten stuck in my fence*. Too soon!

*I am eliding A LOT of detail here.
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I'm watching these one night at a time now and I would like to file my prediction that Coach will be the first one they eat.
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