My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 592: The Naming of 2022
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It's the best time to tune in for the first time as we set goals, or maybe just settle on some mood lighting, for the year 2022. However long it takes. Ten minutes. Forty minutes. The whole episode. It's only three years into the twenties and we honestly already can't wait for the thirties. Suggested talking points: Carl Daniels, Sarcopha-Get It, A Night to Remember, Turn up the Fondue, Not That Kangaroo Jack. Center for Reproductive Rights:
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I so wanted to be part of a mummy crew!
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Not my fave on the list but at least the big dog has stopped woofing. The audible relief out of the other two soothed my soul.

Justin’s move to throw off Griffin spelling “rendezvous” was such a 😗👌 classic older brother move, I loled.

The eat-the-rich digression was lovely, and a related year name made it through 👏
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I'm kinda glad they moved away from mummy crew even though I initially was for it. Just too many people are already dead from COVID and will continue to die to make it funny over the long term, imo.

I love how meta they were in this one, identifying their process in realtime. I was totally sharing Justin's anxiety that they wouldn't get there and the episode would be garbage etc. In the end, I love the new theme! It's very good for their (theoretical) return to live shows, and the vibes are just pretty damn good.
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I haven't listened to MBMBAM in about a year because it just wasn't landing for me but I tuned in for the naming of the year and was glad I did. This made me laugh out loud several times and had the chaotic joy that the show has been missing the last couple years
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I appreciated the brief banter at the beginning about the last time they had recorded. In December they only had two episodes, one of which was a best-of -- the first week was accidentally skipped and the last week was a preplanned break. Then the first show of January was another best-of. So it'd been a long time with very little MBMBAM, unless you paid for their other streamed shows.
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I don't know about the podcast, but now I want Plenty of Yummy Stew.
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I love how the discussion went from "A Night to Remember is good, but we can't do Rendezvous" to "Rendezvous is good, but we can't do A Night to Remember." So much of these discussions is wearing each other down until they're so punch drunk everyone is giggling about some random thing and nobody can muster any complaints any more.
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