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Frank learns that one of the former regulars at the bar, Dottie, a.k.a “Butterface,” doesn’t have long to live unless she gets a heart transplant. Frank keeps stopping by her house, being uncharacteristically nice about helping her out.

They have a passionate moment, but Dottie cuts it short because of her heart: “If we fuck, I die!”

Frank has also started renting his room out to a pregnant immigrant from China.

Debbie wants her own room because she’s “going to be a woman soon,” and her roommate, Liam, is “in a constant state of arousal.”

Mickey gets escorted out of jail by Ian and Mandy (who’s now played by Emma Greenwell instead of Season 1's Jane Levy), and Mickey and Ian go back to having casual sex.

V takes her nursing home patients on an excursion. Debbie has been having the kids at her day care draw pictures to give to V’s patients: “They loved your ones from last week. But this week’s assignment is anything other than rainbows. They’re sick of rainbows. And when they get sick, they die.”

Jasmine is hanging out at a nightclub with a man who’s older and thinner than her husband, who says things like: “Who wants to move this par-tay back to my pied-à-tierre?” Jasmine tries to set up Fiona with a much older man too, but Fiona has no interest in him.

Carl reads aloud from Fiona’s explicit diary entries from sophomore year of high school about her crush, Craig Heisner (following the unwritten rule that high-school students must always write out the full name of their crush). She scolds him for invading her privacy, but starts reminiscing about Craig.
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Another example of Frank being an asshole (ingratiating himself w/ dottie, for her inheritance )

The extended scene of Veronica taking the patients to the park caught me a little offguard. It was beautifully done, from an aesthetics perspective and revealed perhaps a little more of V's character and showed us her experiences at work but it didn't advance the storyline and was the first such extended scene in the show so far to not do so. I want to emphasize that I have no problem with such scenes, gives richness and complexity to the characters, but just a little surprised. Was the scene all a setup for Debbie's awareness of mortality?

We get to see Jasmine's skeletons, faults a little more: cheating on her husband (not sure if this the first episode to show that, I'm through s06 or 07 of this season for the first time, and these episodes are becoming a blur).

Interesting scene with mickey and Ian regarding to their futures as well, Ian focusing on his future post-high school, Mickey - in the here and now.

Jody, he just seems so bland so far. I'm wondering what skeletons he has in his closet.
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Jody, he just seems so bland so far.

I didn't see the point of him at first either — he gets a lot more interesting later. I think that's true of a lot of characters on this show.
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The extended scene of Veronica taking the patients to the park caught me a little offguard.... Was the scene all a setup for Debbie's awareness of mortality?

I agree that that subplot seemed odd. Not bad — I like it. But you're expecting it to go somewhere, and then by the end of the episode, you're like: "Oh, so one of them dies, and that's it?" They might have wanted an excuse to bring back Aunt Ginger for an encore. And yeah, the most important thing about it is that it sets up Debbie's obsession with death.
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