12 Monkeys: Mentally Divergent
January 23, 2015 9:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The trail of a mysterious organization called the “Army of the 12 Monkeys” leads Cole to a mental institution in 2015, where a patient holds the key to the plague that destroys the world. Meanwhile, despite warnings that her involvement may disrupt the course of history, Dr. Railly risks her life to help him.
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I thought the second episode deflated the energy of the first a bit. I didn't really like the addition of the preacher from Poltergeist to the mix, but I suppose you just have to accept it. The first episode set up the rules for time travel, this episode sets up the relationships within the show.
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I enjoyed the episode. It moved the story along quite well. Looking forward to next week's episode. So far, so good.
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Did anyone get a good look at the medallion that Creepy Old Assassin (tm) was wearing?
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So, how did the last few scientists in the world design and build something that breaks every law of physics? Cool visual and all, but it's like expecting me to believe that they build a 747 from scratch.

Follow me down the rabbit-hole:
1) "Jones" knows more about time travel than she should - except for maybe sending a rabbit back, she's done exactly one insertion and one slingshot (as far as we know) at the point she yells about knowing what Time can do and fearing it. I don't think it was hyperbole. It's like she has a lot more experience than anyone else.
2) she's the only smoker, but doesnt sneak off to smoke. Like she spent a lot of time aboveground in a place where indoor smoking is normal. Say, the 1960s.
3) she has a German accent, and all time machines must be used to kill Hitler. It's a trope, and the showrunners know their tropes.

ERGO: the disease timeline is at least the SECOND timeline that Jones has seen. In a previous one, she was part of a much larger and much better funded time travel project (my money is on Nazis who won World War 2). In this timeline, she knows that time travel works, many of its rules, and enough theory to cobble something together with limited supplies.

Why wasn't she erased? Because she was born before the last change. Ie born 1933, worked on first machine in the 1960s, went back to 1939 and did something, then fired herself forward...but overshot and wound up in 2025.
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ERGO: the disease timeline is at least the SECOND timeline

Ah, so what if Hitler was killed early in the war in the original timeline and later scientists went back and saved him no knowing that he would turn into a crazed person that would start wars on too many fronts and loose.
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Well Mogur, you just sold me on this show. Ill be back in a few hours with my opinion.
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Sometimes you have to make your own show.

Oh, hey, maybe Creepy Old Assassin is from a different timeline completely, or is one of the original Nazi Time Travellers (tm). I love me a good Time War -- I wonder if he's a Spider or a Snake?
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Oh I figured she's the virologist, and she just can't mess with the timeline.
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I wanted to like this show, and the female lead is holding her own, but the male lead just kills it for me. I have no reason to care about him whatsoever. Even while he's trying to save humanity.
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