American Horror Story: Black Out
October 27, 2022 8:16 PM - Season 11, Episode 4 - Subscribe

On the hottest day of the year, New York plunges into a blackout.
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I'm 100% cool with AHS being gayer than Christmas, but the lack of horror is really getting to me. This feels like a drama, but -- I'm sorry -- it's not really that deep, so the big character moments tend to fall flat. I think it's frankly ridiculous that two out of four episodes end with Gino in some goofy ass Perils of Pauline cliffhanger scenario from which he's extricated in the cold open of the next one -- this man should just not be let outside unsupervised, let alone be allowed to chase after the world's most obvious (yet inexplicably undetectable) serial killer. Who, by the way, is very annoying, and whose ass I feel confident I could kick myself, and I'm not some kind of super-cop-slash-underwear-model, I'm just a random guy.

The show looks and sounds great this season, though -- the Joy Division needle drop was nice, and there's a lot of new score that I dig.
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Being old enough to remember when AIDs was known as GRIDs and as a girl knowing people who died of it, I find this season shitty. It has a great cast, it does, but that doesn't make it palatable. I'm just going to forget this season because there is no way the writers can save this turkey.
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I'm ride or die with this show, God help me, but I completely understand how you feel, miss-lapin. I don't know what the show is trying to do, exactly, by presenting us with a plague that seems to be a metaphor for AIDS; Ryan Murphy has never shied away from addressing real world subjects head on, so the point of a plague that's, I guess, adjacent to AIDS, appearing concurrent to AIDS, is lost on me. I certainly think a show about the gay community in the early days of the AIDS crisis -- even a show that's primarily a gruesome horror story -- is feasible and could be good, poignant and rich, but this isn't it. I applaud the effort, the willingness to take chances (eleven seasons in!), the fine cast and direction...really everything except the writing. I'm hoping the second half of the show makes up for it.
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I just want to come back and apologize for being harsh last night. The show brings up a lot of anger and sadness over all the people I lost, and I feel like I was harsher than I meant. I'm sorry that was not cool of me.

I do hope the show pulls some kind of hail mary and redeems itself because 1 I do love the cast 2 I want AHS to succeed as I've been watching it for over a decade now.
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Alas, poor Klaus Not-me, we hardly knew ye.
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I do wonder why he wasn't Klaus Nomi; AHS already killed off Kajagoogoo! Maybe the Nomi estate went litigious over Klaus' animated appearances on The Venture Brothers.
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They made Valentino a vampire!
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Unless there's a second story this season, think I might dip out. First episode I was worried it was just gonna be a whole season of gay people being killed or otherwise suffering but kept holding out there'd be some freaky monster or supernatural twist but really just feels like a season of murdering already vulnerable people. Starting to think they should can AHS and just do Stories, since at least when the story or writing is bad or unwatchable, it's only there for one episode.
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You don't think that the guy in the leather hood who supposedly died years ago and only some people seem to see is maybe going to turn out to be some freaky monster or supernatural twist?
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