Galavant: It's All in The Executions
January 26, 2015 8:14 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Galavant hatches a scheme to try to save the day.
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As the show has not been renewed (yet...) it was pretty darn bold of the creators to not wrap up most, if not all, of the storylines. This episode was light on songs, but the one that Richard sang was one of the nicest.

Rutger Hauer....we hardly knew thee.

Lack of conclusion aside, I enjoyed the episode and the series as a whole. We don't have enough of this type of comedy and fun floating around in a tv world where everything is generally quite too serious.

Now pardon me, I might be having my moment here....or something.
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I really hope that it gets picked up for a second season by someone, even if it's Netflix or another streaming service. Like you say, Atreides, there's just not enough tv like this.
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This was a show I was going to skip. None of the ads I saw indicated this was a musical, they just made it look corny. It was only after reading the FanFare discussions of earlier episodes that I watched it, and I'm thankful that I did. I was having a bad week, and I needed something stupid and light and fun, and this series hit the mark perfectly, even if the show itself was far from perfect. Thanks to all the MeFites who put this on my radar screen, even if we didn't get to see Rutger Hauer on Galavant's big, black Friesian.
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As much as I loved the show, I'm so annoyed at the complete and utter lack of resolution for any of main story lines. Especially since it was billed as a "4-week comedy extravaganza," but ended up as a "4-week prequel to a season 2 that will likely never happen."

We started the series with Galavant down on his luck, and his true love captured by a doting, naive spoiled king. We ended it with Galavant down on his luck, and his true love captured by a doting, naive brat of a king.

That said, please oh please give me a buddy comedy pirate show with Galavant and King Richard pillaging the country side. And Gareth, somehow.

Timothy Omundson is just fantastic.
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Yeah, I was really disappointed in the ending here. There should have been some closure on a few of the storylines, not just leave the entire thing dangling as "To Be Continued....?" like a bad sitcom from the 1980s. Totally unsatisfying.
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We started the series with Galavant down on his luck, and his true love captured by a doting, naive spoiled king. We ended it with Galavant down on his luck, and his true love captured by a doting, naive brat of a king.

While King Richard is supposed to be on his way back to his own kingdom, one could argue that the roles have been reversed between him and Galavant. Galavant, by comparison of how the show began, on the top of his game, no longer the smelly kind of has been that was sought for help at the start. He has a new love and a new mission. Richard, in reverse, has gone from being the conqueror of Valencia with the woman he kidnapped and who chose him over Galavant, to the man running back home with his tail between his legs, rejected by his Queen, bullied by his brother, and to a degree, abandoned by his best friend. So there's that interesting flip of the fates of the two men.

The mission to save the king and queen of Valencia....was kind of achieved?

By no means am I saying there was conclusion, but I don't think it's fair to say there was no change from the predicaments from before. Isabella has gone from being captive to her parents' safety to captive of her fiance's childish demands, coincidentally, family essentially being her trap.

Madalenda has obviously taken a dramatic step forward, flipping the occasion of her kidnapping to a point where she's decided to control her own destiny, rather than rely on the men around her.

And well, the chef. He at least had the guts to ... aggravate everyone's food allergies. Also, he successfully wooed Daisy the Queen's handmaiden.

But yah, again....we want the happy ending, not the cliff hanger ending!

I can already see Gareth going crazy as the Queen's consort and her demands, tho'. Gold, people, it's gold!
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Yeah, that cliffhanger ending was just ridiculous, especially since upon airing we pretty much knew this wasn't getting a season 2, what with the "get it the fuck out of here" January double burnoff. I'm starting to think any showrunner who has that kind of "nerve" is a douche who's just gonna tick the few people who watched it off.

Other than that, I was amused to watch Daisy sing about wanting to poison everyone of the upper crust...and then I switched to watching Downton Abbey.

Why the fuck is Isabella being shut up in a Barbie Dream Bedroom?
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I hope that someone on the writing staff of this show ends up on the Nerdist Writer's Panel Podcast sometime, I really want to hear what the hell they thought they were doing with this show. Was this plagued with network interference/too many cooks in the kitchen? Or was this mess actually some show-runner's dream realized?

Why the fuck is Isabella being shut up in a Barbie Dream Bedroom?

So creepy. Way to embrace the Madonna/Whore syndrome, show.
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I kind of liked that there was a cliffhanger? By the time it was over I actually liked the characters and would have been a little disappointed if it was all wrapped up at the end.

But yeah I really wanted to like this. It would have been a good show if it just wasn't so trying too hard. The musical numbers and the lame "celebrity cameos" were what killed it for me. Just breaking into a pompous, over the top Broadway-style song-and-dance isn't enough to be funny anymore and hasn't been since Monty Python did it. The presence of a song can't be its own punchline. That annoyed me. So I think it would have been better to either skip those or turn the funny lyrics up 100% and not act like "Haha we're singing!" was part of the joke at all. And the cameos. There needed to be way more of them and way better, or not have any at all.
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I think the only way you can guarantee funny songs in your movie is to hire Flight of the Concords (see also the recent Muppet Movies). Even Weird Al couldn't save this.
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Totally didn't realize that Sid was played by the actor who played Magnitude on Community.
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I had no idea either! He had different hair and no glasses AND WASN'T POPPING!!!!!!!
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By the way, a fellow involved with Galavant said he was "optimistic" about a second season.
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Season 2 confirmed.
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