Galavant: A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear/World's Best Kiss
January 3, 2016 9:24 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Galavant got a second season, and everyone on the show is as surprised as we are! In the first part, Gal and Richard are waylaid at a bar frequented by Richard's "uncle", and everyone else adjusts to their new place in society. In the second part, Izzy and Gal come to a less charitable appraisal of their memorable first kiss.
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I'm not sure which surprises me more -- the second season existing at all, or ABC deciding to burn off all ten episodes in five weeks again.
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The airing strategy worked last time, didn't it? Sorta?

This was one of my favorite new shows of last year and it lifted my heart when I learned it'd been renewed. There's simply nothing else like it on t.v. at the moment (or for a while), and I don't just mean the singing. The level of the absurdest comedy is simply cranked so high that it bounces back between incredibly amusing and groan inducing quality.

My wife got visibly mad with the 'bad connection' plot contrivance to setup the emotional drama between Galavant and Isabella. I agreed it was a cheap way to do so, but then, the show is definitely not above calling itself out for such things, either.

I loved the unicorn gag with Richard and felt like it was a bright shining neon sign telling us that at some point, Richard shall know a lady. Ahem.

Poor pirates, once again marooned on land, and not even with a ship this time.
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I am just happy Galavant still exists. Now get Izzy into a good place and I will be delighted.
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So glad there's a new season.
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You gotta admire the snark of this show, especially in its opening number.

Did hate the "bad cell connection" plot though. Not that I buy into anyone's true love, but that was just kinda mean.
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That opening number is transcendent and I kind of wish I'd seen it for the first time last night and not when they released it last week as a teaser. "Give in to the miracle that no one thought we'd get!"

I was surprised how little actually happened - we pregamed by binge-watching season 1 yesterday and there is a crap-ton packed into the first episode, as lampshaded in the outro song ("Oh, it's lots of plot, we know / But, anyway, heigh-ho! / We're off and here we go!") And yes, the dropped call/brown cow bit was terrible. But I am still so ecstatic that season 2 even exists that I am trying to give them room.
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And there it is on my seedbox DVR.

At least the Bear was happy...
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The tragic dropped connection / miscommunication subplot is super-cheesy but still endearing to me, in part because of the blatant cheerful parallels between Gal/Isabella and Richard/Gareth. This year's tragic star-crossed romance is between the One True King and his grumpy childhood friend/bodyguard/throne-usurper.

I'm so happy this show is back again. Everyone is so arch and yet affectionately earnest. And the cook continues to steal the show. "You never gave me the #£@&ing amulet!"
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You mean the amulet she was always wearing, except for maybe one or two times?
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I'm imagining the notes back to the prop department about the amulet, "No, this is still way too small."
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"Do you think Destiny knows?"
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