Supernatural: There’s No Place Like Home
January 30, 2015 9:59 PM - Season 10, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Dean starts on a new health regimen to help keep his dark side in check. Sam and Dean continue to search for a way to remove the Mark of Cain. While researching, Sam finds a video of Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) beating up a district attorney. Believing there must be some explanation for Charlie's unusual behavior Sam and Dean begin to look into what happened.
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This...this was not a great episode.

Between Dean struggling with Ole Murder Arm and Moose perfecting that furrowed brow of his about Ole Murder Arm's effect on his brother, I am not even sure where the show is going anymore. I misspoke a while back about taking a break from the heavy mythology episodes and going back to old-fashioned MoTW status, but it seems my beloved Supernatural can't even do that right anymore.

And listen, I really like Charlie. I liked her the FIRST time they used her, but when they kept finding excuses to bring her back, then the shiny wore off. (Nothing against Felicia Day; she's game.) The best Shepherd and I could say about the episode is "Well, at least Dean found a woman he doesn't call a bitch."
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It was a mediocre episode which continued the Devil's Mom storyline (wrap it up, please!) and at the least, they are focusing on the Mark. But, yeah, after announcing they had been through every book/document in the Men of Letters' library, they spent more time looking through books in this episode. Huh?

Felicia Day, I'm always mixed on her. She has a narrow range, in my opinion, and I enjoy her in that range, but it's weird when she moves out of it - such as Bad Charlie. It definitely had shades of Bad Willow in my mind. I seriously don't mind if they want to setup Day as a new reach out for info help in the internet world, a la a Bobby of Technology, instead of the Supernatural (I MISS BOBBY).
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Yeah, to me, it is almost criminal how they're wasting Cas and Crowley this season. Mark Sheppard is such a delight that it does him no favours that the show is pretty much making the King of Hell a henpecked son right now.
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This was pretty lame. I like Felicia Day quite well, but I've never been a fan of Charlie: it feels like someone, (possibly everyone), in the writer's room has a crush on Day, and it seeps into the script. Gives me a distinct and uncomfortable 'Lana Lang in Smallville' vibe.

Mark Sheppard is such a delight that it does him no favours that the show is pretty much making the King of Hell a henpecked son right now.

That is really wearing me out. I liked Rowena in her first appearance, but the second Crowley uttered the word 'mother,' I knew the whole thing would be crap... and even knowing that, they have managed to find a lower place than I was expecting.
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