Glee: The Hurt Locker, Part 2
January 30, 2015 10:15 PM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Actually, if you ignore the Sue Sylvester plots, it was quite good. On the other hand, the Sue plot was pretty much an American Horror Story right there.

Okay, I'm gonna focus on the bright side of this! Good stuff:

* The Warblers continued to perform well and do flips in the air. I do feel sorry for them for never having costumes though.
* Rachel somehow snaps Sam out of the stupid hypnosis plot.
* Kitty and Spencer are inevitably recruited to the glee club, with actual touching moments for each.
* I have to say: LOVED their version of Father Figure with Roderick on lead. Amazing sound on that kid.
* Sue Sylvester's Post-Election, Post-Audition Playlist was performed wonderfully by the New Directions, winning them some sort of pig trophy.

On the other hand, Sue locked Klaine in an elevator (that had a bathroom) with the heat on, a picnic basket, and A GODDAMNED CREEPY FUCKING SUE SYLVESTER UGLY DOLL ON A TRIKE FORCING THEM TO KISS IN ORDER TO BE FREE. Or as I like to describe it, WORST BONER KILLER EVER DESPITE THE PIPED IN BONER DRUGS IN THE AIR. This reminds me of the Roger Ebert review about North: who the hell EVER thought anyone would LIKE this? Even Klaine shippers don't want to see a creepy fucking ogle doll. Yuck, yuck yuck.

I am now going to do my best to block that doll out of my memory and go listen to "Father Figure" again.
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I haven't quite decided what I think about the "we're going overboard making fun of ourselves" theme of this season. Also, I don't buy Kitty talking about feelings. But it was less cringeworthy than last time, so that's something.
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I prefer calling the incest twins Flowers in the Attic, but bizarro Jamie and Cercei Lannister also works.

More or less I am okay with this season, which is a pleasant surprise.
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So apparently we were supposed to think the Vocal Adrenaline performance was amazing, because the voice over mentioned it in the intro.
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