Mystery Science Theater 3000: CARNIVAL MAGIC   Rewatch 
March 8, 2023 11:45 PM - Season 11, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Re-resuffer! Welcome back to the "Manos" of Season 11: Carnival Magic. Alex the chimp can talk, sorta-kinda, but not about anything interesting. His owner Markov is a cut-rate magician and hypnotist that for some reason everyone seems to deeply respect or despise. Probably the worst movie of Season 11, and one of the worst ever made. But at least Mark Hamill appears in this episode in a host segment! Previously and (ugh) again.
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This is a favorite. As much as people trumpet Cry Wilderness as the Where-the-hell-did-they-dig-THIS-up-from highlight of the season, I tend to prefer this one. The gang is really firing on all cylinders (though the Cop Lingo sketch went on for waaaay too long).
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MST Club (Thursday nights at 7 PM, episode begins at 9, times US Eastern) is about to begin! It's at!
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Not a big fan of this cast/season of the MST3k show. But this movie. Wow. Just wow.
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Like Manos, this is one of those MST3K movies that obsesses me. I had to know where it came from. What prompted its creation? What happened on set? Why is this movie? Look up the story sometime. It's fascinating stuff. The director was murdered and entombed beneath his own hot tub. The film itself was lost for years until a 35mm print was discovered in a warehouse in 2009. A 2011 DVD release includes outtakes, trailers, and audio commentary from the producer!
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