Parks and Recreation: Donna & Joe
February 3, 2015 5:34 PM - Season 7, Episode 7 - Subscribe

April tries to keep Donna and Joe's wedding running smoothly.
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Excellent episode, I'm glad the series is on track to go out on a very high note. I'd quote my favourite lines but I'd just end up typing out the whole script. I need a Willy Wonky and the Policy Factory shirt.
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Aw, April found a thing to do that involves bossing people around.
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Loved the ?uestlove cameo. "Now no one can have any popcorn."
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Looks like dry white toast was half right.
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"Your life is gross. My life is amazing."
"I'm so happy with my life choices."
Testify, Jen Barkley.
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I'm going to miss this show so much.
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I totally teared up at Donna's wink when Garry became Garry again.
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The whole last season is going to be a victory lap, huh? I love every episode, and every character's input, the only thing that is bumming me out is Ron Swanson's wife and kids not appearing this season. Did I miss something that explained why they're not present?
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I am loving the random cameos this season. Werner Herzog and Genuwine on the same show!
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Did I miss something that explained why they're not present?

I don't think so. Best I could find is this interview with Lucy Lawless from a few months ago:
They're always asking me to and I've been working Down Under, so if I can get back there in time, then yes. I love them so much. It's such a cute relationship and I'd love to put a button on that, but it's about getting back in time!
So it's probably just a scheduling conflict.
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Looks like dry white toast was half right.

Called it!-ish

I have a feeling that moment when Ben starts dancing is something I'm going to be seeing in GIF form for years to come.
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Yeah, I re-blogged it sometime on the night this episode aired. It came from the official NBC Parks and Recreation tumblr account. It will probably have a very long life.

I would like a "The Meagle Family" spin-off. I would like that very much.
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I may start calling passive-aggressive people "nicey-meany."

One of the things that I do miss with the time jump is getting to see more of Donna and Joe's relationship. This was unlike the other incredibly successful weddings in that sense, but it smartly played up the friendships angle so it still felt like continuity and growth. I kind of loved the third bridesmaid, Michelle - a fun nod to the common complaint that work-based sitcom characters oddly have only work friends in lead roles in their weddings.

I can't believe Tom deprived Ron of food (and a fascinating conversation about Michigan limestone) and survived!

I'm amazed that this show has pulled off four weddings that were all completely different, all so in-character, and all so good. (Says the person who painstakingly recreated Leslie's wedding dress for Halloween and is sad she can't wear it to all occasions.)
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"Is this wedding a test for you? Yes." What a... complex fabric!
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I know, the Michelle (Donna's friend) stuff was great because it was so freaking true to life. Every wedding has at least one Michelle.

Ben running for Congress in Leslie would be kind of depressing in real life because it's super-shitty to be the spouse of a high-level politician - she would end up playing second fiddle to him, would basically have to raise the kids on her own much of the time, etc. But in the alternate reality of Parks and Rec, it'll probably be great. (I say that with complete love and affection for the show, and also as someone who has worked on campaigns and can say that the show's portrayal of running for Congress is laughably inaccurate!)
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