Adventure Time: The Visitor
February 6, 2015 8:00 AM - Season 6, Episode 27 - Subscribe

Finn runs into someone from his past.
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Jake isn't a very good parent, but he's Father of the Year compared to Martin. While Martin's so obviously full of it that Finn sees right through him, Martin may have told some part of the truth about Finn's early childhood. His (now overcome) fear of the ocean makes sense if that's what his experience was like as a baby. And Martin's reticence to talk about Finn's mother (even to lie) may be foreshadowing some past events that make Martin's behavior, if not condonable, at least understandable. Of course, Finn once again shows his good nature and saves the day. And though he no longer wishes his father ill, he sure doesn't trust or like him much either.
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Someone was playing a lot of Pikmin when they wrote this.
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Martin's look reminds me of 1980s wrestlers.
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I'm curious if The Minnie (Marten's escape pod) might be a clue as to the name of Finn's mom.
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Well, it's not often that your hero on Adventure Time is guided by a baby version of himself, while following a sperm comet into a crevice in the ocean, which results in an explosion. It was very wild aspect to the episode that Finn kind of watched the moment of conception for himself with his baby version signaling that hey, here is where we came from. Not least the fact that Martin was guiding the comet (dream sperm) in the last episode, but also that we learn of Finn's origin on the seas.

I love the idea that The Minnie is a clue or name of Finn's mom!

The little creatures were peculiar and cute and I hope Finn found them a good home. The episode seemed in part to allow us and Finn to see that he had come to terms with who his father was and affirm that Finn is a hero, and not a trait inherited from his father. Incidentally, this is the second episode in a row where someone takes advantage of the genuine nature of others for his (their) own benefit.
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Isn't there a thing where some children of horrible parents will end up experts in trying to minimize the damages their parents do? It seems like that was what Finn tried doing here.
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wait so.... did I miss something? Is this the same comet that proto-ice king was supposed to stop a long time ago, and got abe lincoln killed? And it was just... a space ship?
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It was my understanding that it was supposed to be...what with the way the Martians reacted to it.
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