Mystery Science Theater 3000: GAMERA VS. JIGER   Rewatch 
June 22, 2023 1:13 AM - Season 13, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Rewatch! We return to the life and times of our favorite flying giant turtle monster. Gamera protects Expo '70, held in Japan that year, from a monster attack. This is the longest MST3K episode of all, since they were required by the licensor not to cut it. It's also been less than a year since the first time we saw it. It's one of a small number of the first generation of Gamera films that the original run of the show didn't cover. (Another is Vs. Viras.) Previously.
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Every week, on Thursday evenings, some of us meet to watch a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, along with a couple of other movies and a few assorted other things. We call this "MST Club!" It happens at!

Related to this, I have an announcement to make--

Before long we'll be at the end of Season 13 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is the end of the show as it now stands. We've gone through the whole run of the show twice. I'm unwilling to make a third cycle through the whole run. As usual, the show begins at 7 PM US Eastern time, with the episode beginning at or soon after 9 PM.

What this means in the long run I haven't decided yet. What I am considering is continuing for a while asking people at the show for their favorite episodes, so if you want to see a particular episode, be sure to join us! We will need a week to prepare for each show, so be sure to show up on consecutive weeks.

Something else--we will probably stop doing weekly Fanfare posts for the show around that time. They'll resume when/if we get a Season 14, but until then, we've loaded up Fanfare with a great many posts, over 400 so far! We can let that space be open for other people. It's not like we can't do more posts some other time, if the circumstance calls for it. I am unsure what we'll do to announce shows at that point. I usually mention them at the Mastodon account on (@rodneylives). You could follow me there, or else on that server watch for the hashtag #mstclub.

Thanks again for following MST Club! We hope to see you there. You know, if you don't have anything else going on. We're very laid back about that.
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