One Piece: The Pirates are Coming
September 18, 2023 3:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

With Zoro knocked out and dumped in a well and Luffy knocked out by eating all of Kaya's blue soup will Koby be the one to save the day? Also, we get a better idea of why Vice-Admiral Garp is so interested in catching Luffy and his crew.

We start the episode off with Zoro's backstory and how he got his dream to become the world's greatest swordsman. In the manga/anime Kuina's stated cause of death was falling down the stairs which is suspicious as hell but no one's bothered to look more into it because she served her narrative purpose.

When Zoro rescues Luffy from the marines and then goes in the wrong direction it's a nod to him being terrible with directions and always getting lost.

The ending is great, Usopp joins the crew and they leave on their new ship the Going Merry. The original theme song even plays in the background and that's when Grandpa makes his move. Is the crew ready to take on the marines?
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I totally understand why they're streamlining the story and removing extra characters and storylines but I have to say I was really hoping that Jango would make an appearance. Hopefully he'll show up later.
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I came into this show blind regarding the anime/manga, so I've been enjoying it from a fresh perspective. I was kind of surprised by how much trouble the Cat (mask?) crew duo gave Zoro in the climactic fight. I mean, they're henchmen, basically, and Zoro is a number of levels above dealing with them - in fact, he carves them pretty easily earlier in the show. It seemed in part to keep him from re-engaging with the main villain to allow Luffy to deal with him. Usopp's aiming ability also felt underused, as well.

The family relationship between Garp and Luffy was a nice twist, I'd say more about it next episode!

I continue to watch Coby to see if he'll either A) continue to grow into and become the Marine he believes Marines should be, or B) become disillusioned and leave. Garp's mentoring in this episode using the game was something I enjoyed watching.

Pour one out for Merry the ram. Baaaaaaaaa!
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