Special Event: The Film Crew: HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK
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After Mystery Science Theater 3000, some of the performers/writers/crew (a lot of them filled multiple roles) moved on to other things. One of these projects was a series of riffing-related projects they called The Film Crew, with Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy. They did a few different things, and of them all the one that has best survived is a series of four direct-to-DVD movie riffs, done with a framing story and a sketch at a mid-movie break. This is the first, Hollywood After Dark, a.k.a. Walk The Angry Beach, starring later Golden Girl Rue McClanahan as Sandy, "stripper who aspires to become an actress but ends up being taken advantage of by the industry," sez Wikipedia. My how times haven't changed. While originally made for Rhino Video in 2006, the Film Crew disks weren't released by Shout Factory until 2007, and the character of "Bob Rhino," voice played by late MST3K writer Mike Dodge, had to be renamed to Bob Honcho. It's another MST-related project from MST Club.
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We might not be doing the weekly official shows for much longer, we've been through the whole show twice and been at it for approaching ten years, but for the time being, please enjoy our remaining Thursday night offerings, at https://cytu.be/r/Metafilter_MST3KClub. The episode begins at 9 PM US Eastern, 6 PM Pacific time.
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