Special Event: Film Crew: KILLERS FROM SPACE
November 9, 2023 3:49 PM - Subscribe

We're in the final weeks of MST Club's ten-year mostly-weekly run, although we'll probably do other shows from time to time. Tonight's episode is the second Film Crew production (R.I.P. Mike Dodge), about a guy who's killed in a crash, kidnapped by aliens, then forced to aid them in their plans for world domination... which involves irradiated giant lizards. It's like the backstory to a kaiju movie.
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For a little while longer at least, MST Club is still meeting Thursday nights at https://cytu.be/r/Metafilter_MST3KClub. When/if Season 14 happens we might revive for a bit, and there's always occasional other shows perhaps. But it's been a long time, ten years, we've actually lost one regular to (it is believed) mortality, and really we've never had a lot of people show up. There'll be more to say about this later though. In the meantime, come out out if you can and have the time!
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