Shameless (US): Parenthood   Rewatch 
February 16, 2015 10:23 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Fiona and Lip agree that Fiona will get her GED, and Lip will go back to high school after dropping out for a week. Frank walks in on Ian and Mickey having sex in the Kash & Grab.

Mickey sets out to kill Frank so he doesn’t tell anyone else. But Frank doesn't care about what he saw — he doesn't even care when Ian warns him that Mickey is trying to kill him! Ian tries to convince Mickey he has nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, but Mickey coldly cuts him off: “You think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend? You’re nothing but a warm mouth to me.” Mickey and his brothers bungle their murder plot, and Mickey gets arrested.

Karen and Lip decide to shop around for adoption agencies, which they first discuss while the visibly pregnant Karen is smoking pot in the boys’ room. Karen cares only about the money, while Lip is more concerned about how the agencies make sure they’re choosing good parents. Karen lets him know he might be wrong to assume the baby is his — “We weren’t exclusive.”

Kevin tells Lip he should use his brains to go to a great college, make tons of money, and be “master of the universe,” but Lip doesn’t seem to like that idea. He gets expelled for breaking a classroom window with a chair while cursing out a teacher. Fiona gives him an ultimatum — go to school or leave — and he leaves. Carl, in a rare display of strong emotion, runs outside and yells for Lip to come back.

Steve starts coaching Carl’s football team and takes a very aggressive tack — "Aim low, hit hard!" — hoping to impress Fiona.

Sheila sneaks Jody into the house when Karen isn’t around, and they seem to be forming a bond. Sheila to Jody: “I’m going to talk to [Karen] about keeping the baby and about keeping you in her life. You’d be an incredible daddy.”

Joan Cusack is always outstanding as Sheila, but she’s especially so in this episode. Sheila’s venting to Jody — “Life is just so ... grrrr! You know, don’t you just want to shake your fists at it?” — is at once funny and touching, like the show itself.

Sheila and Jody start taking care of Frank’s mom, Peggy. Peggy and Sheila reconcile, and Peggy says she wants to die to escape her cancer. Sheila: “Do you give me permission to hold this pillow over your face?” Peggy: “I do … Don’t pussy out on me.” Sheila: “Go into the light! Your sins are forgiven! Tell St. Peter you’re sorry for being so shitty!”
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I love Sheila and I also love Jody.
posted by Literaryhero at 3:38 PM on February 18, 2015

This was one of the wildest episodes of TV I’ve ever seen.
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