Shameless (US): Hurricane Monica   Rewatch 
February 18, 2015 4:15 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Monica and Frank are back together — the first time we get to see what they’re like as a couple. Fiona walks in on them having sex in the kitchen, and scolds them for the inappropriate location (hypocritically — see the pilot). Fiona puts her mom on birth control because “the world doesn’t need another Gallagher.”

Lip, who left the house last episode when Fiona gave him an ultimatum, looks around for anyone he can stay with or get help from. V won’t let him stay with her and Kev, and Professor Hearst won’t give him a job without a high school diploma. So Lip stays with Steve, and helps him with hacking voicemails. When Steve leaves to run an errand, Lip notices Steve’s wife, Estefania, suddenly having dirty talk in Portuguese (and Steve doesn’t understand any Portuguese). Fiona goes to Steve’s apartment, telling him to kick out Lip; Steve explains: “I took in the bear cub, looking to rile the adult female, hoping she’d charge over.” Fiona: “Dangerous — she might rip your head off.”

At Carl’s football game, Lip sees he’s been replaced by Monica — “a mutiny.” Fiona tells Steve, “Just have them run the ball — they’re 10” (referring to how Steve has coached the boys to use gratuitous violence).

Sheila meets with her minister about starting a hospice out of her home. She thinks she perceives the ghost of Eddie, but it’s really Frank and Monica sneaking into the house. While Lip and Karen are meeting the couple who wants to adopt their kid, Sheila & Jody try to ward off the ghost. They ritualistically join hands, then have a sudden moment of passion.

Monica takes Ian to a dance club, and Ian says “it’s kind of weird being ‘out’ with you” (double meaning). Monica encourages him to have “no shame” about being gay (“but don’t even think about coming out at school — somebody in that neighborhood will knife you for sure”). They dance together — a nice relief from the kids’ usual coldness toward their mom.

Right after Frank gets done telling someone on the phone he’s too high to make a decision about what to do with his mother’s dead body, a party starts up at the Gallaghers' house. Monica stops the music to have Debbie give an impromptu eulogy, and Frank breaks down in tears.

The next day, Frank has a bag of his mother’s ashes, which he rolls into a cigarette and smokes. Mandy’s father, Jerry, barges in to beat up Ian, yelling that Mandy — Ian’s fake girlfriend — is pregnant.
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