Special Event: The Mads Are Back: The Phantom at 10,000 Leagues
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A radioactive monster wreaks havoc; for some reason the heroic scientist has to develop a relationship while saving lives from it; also, the monster's maker has to perish in his attempt to stop his creation. All these things the way they have to be in 50's monster movie world. (Riff from 2024, earlier this week)
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We finally watched the download last night -- we were busy and couldn't see it live. My GOD, that movie was... not good. The riffing was great, though.
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Yes, in our own riffing I couldn't get over the fact that the creator of the monster (not really the villain, although I certainly wouldn't call him noble) was a mad oceanographer, not really a branch of science one might think would be given to fits of insane creative horrifying genius. Which class is it in Oceanography School, I wondered, where one learns how to create fishpeople?

Also: our hero naturally hooks up with the mad doc's daughter during the movie. According to 50s movies, at that time there was a one-to-one correspondence between monster threats and heterosexual relationships.
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