Delicious in Dungeon: Stewed Cabbage/Orcs
March 26, 2024 9:16 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

It's farming dungeon style as Senshi shows Team Touden his...ambulatory gardens in the form of golems he has turned into walking vegetable patches. Though when they go to trade in their leafy bonanza, it turns out that the red dragon's actions have caused further displacement - and further trouble...

And in this episode, plot happens! Seriously, this is the first episode that goes back to the main plot set up in the first episode about the cursed kingdom and the mad mage - important world building for the series as a whole. But first we have some very aggressive gardening as Senshi takes down his walking gardens for a well deserved harvest. Turns out that even when we are dealing with magical constructs, the series finds a way to make them a food source (and it turns out that garden golems are stronger than your normal ones, thanks to the root systems providing structural support.)

After a meal of a hearty vegetable soup, Team Touden takes their leafy bounty (and the sight of Laios with his armor full of veggies never gets old) to a group of orcs who are moving in aggressively to the castle due to a certain red dragon driving them from their home in the castle town. Now take prisoner, Senshi demands the bottle of yeast make bread as part of a meal, while Marceille and the orc chief hash out their racial animosity. But in the end, food and diplomacy win out, as the groups eat together - and Laios' compassion and understanding not only win the team's freedom, but valuable intel in the form of the orc tribe's map of the castle town - and their sightings of the red dragon.
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I did an initial double take at the episode title, since everything so far had been a menu.
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While most episode titles list the food - not all of them do, and when they're don't it's a sign that the episode will involve the larger plots of the series. In this case, we get some details of the sociopolitcal structure of the series (in particular the issues that groups like the orcs face) which helps build the world up more.

Also, I've been meaning to point out that the series has an incredible OP in Sleep Walking Orchestra by Bump of Chicken - it's a very heartfelt song that so suits the show. The ED, Party! by Ryokuoushoku Shakai, is a fun bubbly J-Pop beat that's going to cause the mother of all tonal whiplashes in a few episodes. (I'm also amazed they're the same group that did Be A Flower, the first OP of The Apothecary Diaries - which also has a very different mood.)
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