Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon II
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The red dragon has been slain, and Falin's remains recovered. All that's left is to ressurect the young tallman woman - but doing so will have her friend make some grave choices...

In this episode lines are drawn, and lines are crossed.

We pick up right from where we left off, with Laios looking at his sister's skull. He immediately starts to collect her bones, with the plan that he'll bring them up to a revival specialist. However, Marcille stops her bereaved friend, noting that with the condition of Falin's corpse, the link between her body and soul is tenuous, and would not survive the trip. The only choice is to ressurect her on site - and while normally doing so would require a mass of meat, well - they do have that, in the form of one very large, very dead dragon. This has Chilchuck point out that revival magic isn't Marcille's specialty, and as a result the elf calmly makes a very shocking revelation.

Her magical specialization? The use of ancient magic - highly forbidden, and of the sort that animates the dungeon. And it is very clear from her tone and response that the elf has made a decision that had been weighing on her. Chilchuck and Senshi object, but Laios, driven to bring his beloved sister back, agrees to Marcille's plan.

To start, we see Marcille slice her palm open, infusing Ambrosia with her blood, and using it to enscribe magic circles with her red vitae. With that, she then notes that they need to put Falin's skeleton back in order to improve the spell's chance of success. Laios agrees, and notes he's familiar with canine skeletons, so he can help isolate the warg bones from Falin's. And so the grim work begins, with the party beginning the process of sifting through and isolating the skeletons - working methodically to reassemble, using logic to identify the body parts. And with that, Falin's skeleton is reassembled, in a shot reminiscent of the food glamor shots,with the party noting how well defined her skeleton is.

And with that, all is in place, and the ritual begins. As Marcille chants, Ambrosia pulses with blood, which fills the arcane runes and covers the bones. Chilchuck and Senshi are unnerved as the air is filled with fell magic, and we get a shot of Marcille casting, her blonde hair loose and rippling with power, her eyes glowing red. The blood gathers around Falin's body, congealing into sinew, muscle and skin as the elf passes out from the exertion. After making sure Marcille is okay, Laios goes over to Falin's restored body, looking for a sign that the spell worked...and then her eyes open, and she gasps for breath with blood-filled lungs.

Marcille's desperate gamble has paid off. Falin once again is among the living.

Helping her expel the blood from her lungs, Laios looks at his little sister, and she looks back, her left eye closed as she holds her neck. After getting her a blanket to wrap up in for warmth, Laios rouses the elf to let her know the good news, and she promptly glomps her best friend tearfully. After reunions and interductions (as Falin is just meeting Senshi, after all), the young tallman woman's stomach rumbles, noting that a victory feast is in order. We then get a scene where the two women share a quiet moment cleaning in the baths, with Marcille making sure Falin is okay. Falin notes that she feels filled with mana, but then apologizes for making Marcille use the magic she did, to which Marcille retorts that it's fine, because she's back, and that's what matters.

If you're thinking that things are off, and there will be consequences for all this...that just shows you're paying attention.

While the girls bond, Chilchuck and Laios discuss next steps - they'll need to ascend back through the dungeon, and to make matters worse, they're broke - even though Laios has some funds, they're tied up in the bank, and it will take time to free it up. The halffoot then asks about Marcille's ancient magic, and Laios notes she had talked about it as part of her dungeon research, though he had not known the extent of her abilities. Chilchuck worries that she's a "dark elf" - a comment that a newly present Marcille very much takes offense to, noting that the good and bad of magic is in how it's wielded and pointing out that healing magic can be used to torture, and she's trying to find how to use forbidden magic in a productive manner. Then Laios brings up a good point - they're currently short one dwarf, and Falin notes that she saw him wit pan and firewood in tow...and suddenly the other three get a panicked look as they run to stop him from making an...explosive mistake. It turns out that dragons are filled with flammable compounds, and Laios removing the firesack released them. (If you remember from last episode, Laios called for magical light when cutting into the dragon - this is why.) Laios arrives just in time to see the dwarf strike a spark, and, well...BOOM happens.

Surprisingly, all that happens is we get Yet Another Senshi Panty Shot as Falin managed to cast a protective spell - something very welcome, but also quite odd given that she did it without the usual prep needed - something that confuses and intrigues Marcille The dragon's corpse is now aflame, making cutting meat from the opening they made...unfeasable, but also useful as Senshi uses the dragon's burning corpse as an make dragon pizza! As well as dragon tail soup, and grilled dragon - to complete a victory feast for slaying the dragon, complete with the most foodporniest glamour shot of the series so far. The party looks at the spread...and then Falin noms a slice of the pizza, declaring it delicious (in dungeon)! With that, the party tucks in, and tries to figure out what dragon tastes like - to which Laios points out that dragon, king of meats! They then point out that they've been eating monsters to Falin...who responds exactly as you'd expect Laios' sister to - very eagerly. Bringing up the living armor leads to the party getting an introduction to Kensuke proper, and Chilchuck finally forgives Laios over the matter, though he notes that Laios can't hide things like that.

With full tummies, Team Touden decides to use the house they're in to rest, as it's protected and furnished. Falin, however, sees the spirit of a resident of the house, apologizing for the intrusion. Marcille happily cuddles her best friend as she's happy to have Falin back, and then Falin goes to say good night to her brother. Seeing him scratching his leg scar, she comments on him being reckless, which has him point out that she did the same, and that she needs to not do anything like that again, before hugging her tight to his body, getting Falin to make a promise.

Meanwhile, at the dragon's corpse, we see a hooded figure survey the scene, pulling back the hood with a look of rage. It seems that the Mad Mage has come to find out what has happened to his servant...and he's taken the result of the battle rather personally...
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We haven't seen animals used with revival magic so far; perhaps because the corpses were relatively intact?

Marcille notes that healing magic can be used for torture, and unintentionally gave us an example of exactly how last week.

Today's "dish" is the bone structures of Falin and wargs.

Marcille gives us another indication that "humans" includes elves, dwarves, and half-foots (since only 'humans' are bound to their bodies here. ) I guess that means kobolds are technically human?

Falin's left eye is only closed right after she first sees her brother. (Apart from when they're both closed.)

Falin eats some dragon.

Laios, "I guess it's impossible to use a monster while keeping it alive" while his sister's reflection joins his.

Falin talks to a little girl. This is even odder than it seems.

After Falin and Laios have their fraternal chat, Chilchuck and Senshi are beaming at her. Marcille is pouting.
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I am really enjoying these recaps, NoxAeternum. Thank you for them.
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Swamp Jawn breaks down the animation for this ep.
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We haven't seen animals used with revival magic so far; perhaps because the corpses were relatively intact?

Yep, and Marcille notes this - corpses with significant amounts of damage require external sources to supply material. If the body is mostly intact, the spell can pull from the body - it's noted that after a few ressurections, Kabru is noticeably thinner.

Falin eats some dragon.

I love how Senshi encourages her eating, telling her to take revenge.
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Also, I found this English cover of "Sleep Walking Orchestra", and when you hear the lyrics, it becomes clear why this was selected for the show's first OP, as it so very much captures the themes of the series.
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Marcille gives us another indication that "humans" includes elves, dwarves, and half-foots (since only 'humans' are bound to their bodies here. )

Japanese: “Meikyū ni shibara reru tamashī wa hito dake.”

a person, human
an individual
mankind, people

Dub (“Only human souls get bound to the dungeon.”) and subs (“The only souls confined to the dungeon are those of humans.”) are consistent in translation, but I’m curious about the specific connotations of “hito” in this context.
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