Delicious in Dungeon: Red Dragon III/Good Medicine
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The Mad Mage makes his presence known, and his magic seems to have the power to control Falin, as Team Touden challenges the elven master of the dungeon. And when things go awry, the party is found by an orc warband - whose captain finds the halffoot's seeming cowardice distasteful...

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "that escalated quickly."

This is the final episode of the first cour, and with it the stakes for the second are set up. We start with Senshi preparing some "boneless dragon hams", while the rest of the crew rests up. But soon Falin awakes, and it seems she's not completely herself as she jumps out of the window and wanders down the street - the ghostly residents of the city seeming to try to stop her, to no avail. And soon, Falin happens upon the Mad Mage, who seems to see her not as Falin, but as the red dragon - and he is displeased with her form and her not following his orders to track the king down. As he talks to Falin, Laios wakes with a start, and notes that Falin is gone - and Marcille and Senshi have no clue to where she is. Laios dresses, heading out to find his sister - who is in the blood of the slowly dissolving red dragon, her right eye closed as she repeats the Mad Mage's orders. And with that, The Mad Mage confronts Laios, and he makes it clear that he's earned that appellation - and he sees Laios as nothing more than a thief, one whom he remembers from the paintings. As Laios looks into the elf's mad eyes, the pupils slowly forming into an "8" shape, he realizes who this is, and that this is bad news.

At that moment, Marcille fires a warning shot at the Mad Mage, telling him to get away from the Toudens. Unfortunately, this is the moment when Falin strikes Laios with a hard punch to the stomach, screaming at him to shut up as the Mad Mage's control takes over, and sending him flying. The Mad Mage gets out his spellbook - the symbol of his authority as he creates blood wyverns to attack the party. Marcille, however, decides to fight fire with fire, charging Ambrosia with her blood again to attack the wyverns with ancient magic, strking them while overwriting their magic, dispelling them - but the attack is overwhelming her. In addition, we see how absolute his control is as the boneless dragon hams (complete with banner) roll into the blood pool. Marcille tries to entreat the Mad Mage, but he just drops them into a fissure, walking off to deal with Falin. The spirits try to stop him, but he walks past them - and calling Falin "dragon", he warps her body, as he orders her to continue searching for King Delgal.

Meanwhile, Team Touden is in a room with no exit - and the walls are moving in to crush them. But then the spirits pull them through a hole in the wall, and with that they're "safe", for now. That said, safe is a relative term, and soon they find them surrounded by an angry orc warband, who is trying to figure out how the hell this party wound up in their territory. The captain plans on killing Team Touden, until the orcs realize that the dwarf of the party is Senshi - which allows them to parlay, and note that they know the orc chief Zon - and that they had fulfilled the promise they made of killing the red dragon. The warband captain, Leed, thanks them for the assistance, and as a show of gratitude decides to help Laios and Marcille with orcish medicine. Said medicine gets the food glamour shot, but is anything but - and Leed administers it traditionally - forcing it into their mouth with hers, to Marcille's terror.

With the two "medicated", Chilchuck brings up the attack with the Mad Mage, which immediately gets Leed's attention as the orcs know of him - and of the threat he poses. With Chilchuck realizing the threat, he starts to panic - with them killing the dragon, Team Touden has made it to the top of the elf's shit list. Unfortunately, Chilchuck knows that Laios and Marcille will want to find Falin, and with everything, that could very well be a death sentence - so he decides to lie to them about the situation to get them to go to the surface - an act that infuriates Leed, who sees the halffoot as a coward. Chilchuck and Senshi ask her if she can bring Chilchuck to get their gear, and it being a request from Senshi, she obliges, but it's clear she's not happy about it.

As they walk back to their camp, Leed asks about what happened with Falin, and the halffoot explains she collapsed by the Mad Mage before they were swallowed up. Leed contemptuously attacks Chilchuck's idea to lie, and then notes that they're followed by the spirits of the city - and that they serve as guides to the safe paths. Following the spirit, they safely travel back to the camp, but the red dragon's corpse is gone, thanks to the Mad Mage. Leed also notes the explosion damage, and with that Chilchuck discusses the fight with the dragon, and how Laios and Marcille were driven to save Falin, as well as their former party members Namari and Shuro. With that, Chilchuck starts berating himself for continuing on - and in doing so enabling and encouraging their recklessness.

As he does so, Leed begains to realize that what motivates the halffoot isn't fear for himself - but fear for his party members, and her tone softens as they discuss what happened with the dragon and after. And with that, as she listens to his anger and frustration and fear that they will go get themselves killed, she tells him in a kind voice that she understands his worries - but lying won't solve this. He needs to be honest - to tell them about the danger, and let that his worry for them dying convince them. As he walks, Chilchuck finds Kensuke, and retrieving the sword he notes a blood trail from the location of the dragon's corpse.

Returning to the warband camp, Laios is awake - and determined to go after Falin, even hopped up on medicine. Chilchuck, taking Leed's words to heart, makes a heartfelt plea to Laios, telling him that the Mad Mage is not a threat they can handle, especially in their condition, and that he doesn't want to see them throw their lives away. Taking the earnestness of all to heart, Laios apologizes to Chilchuck, and concedes - as much as he wants to save Falin, returning to the surface is the priority.
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OK, I admit it: when the Mage started flipping furiously through his book, I immediately identified with the character because I've been that guy, the Dungeon Master caught off-guard by the party doing the unexpected and messing up my campaign, searching the DM's Guide for something to stop them.

I don't know why, considering the setting, it took me so long to realize that the "mad wizard" that constructed the dungeon would be a Dungeon Master. I mean, duh!

And then he starts screwing around with the maps! He's not just a Dungeon Master, he's a bad Dungeon Master!
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Orc Medicine is one of my favorite parts of the show so far. Stellar worldbuilding.
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Honestly, I'm kind of just here for the cooking and subterranean ecology. I'd been really enjoying the adventures of Stabby Anthony Bourdain and the Dungeon Lorax, but it feels like the show is moving away from that. For those of you who have read/watched ahead: are we going to get back to preparing and eating weird shit in inventive ways, or is that phase of the show pretty much over?
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I'll miss this OP.

Is the "8" motif an English pun?`It''s probably an infinity sign in-world, but I can't shake the suspicion...

"It's Linux! I know this!" Marcille hearing the Mad Mage (or Lunatic Magician, as the subs call him) chant.

The march of the boneless ham greatly benefited from animation.

"Shut off all the trash compactors on the detention level!" Marcille in the, well, trash compactor.

The orcs don't recognize Shenshi b/c he washed.:D Cosmo Jarvis should play him in the inevitable Netflix live action remake.

"Orc Concoction" gets the plating shot fanfare.

All the character designs are first rate, but Orc Imouto is one of the best. (This cour, at least)
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For those of you who have read/watched ahead: are we going to get back to preparing and eating weird shit in inventive ways, or is that phase of the show pretty much over?

It's not quite the focus it was in the first few volumes/episodes, but there's eating right up 'til the end.
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Phooky, you might like Toriko. It's similar to Delicious in Dungeon (although much older). It's about super powered chefs and gourmands traveling a fantasy (SciFi? Alternate Reality?) world trying to assemble their perfect full course meals. It's kind of like if Anthony Bourdain was a Dragonball character. It might scratch the itch while you wait for more DiD.

If it is more the fantasy ecology that does it for you then you should definitely check out Scavengers Reign (Gorgeously animated, but not an anime.) Mushishi would probably also be worth checking out.
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"Shut off all the trash compactors on the detention level!" Marcille in the, well, trash compactor.

You're not the only one who made that reference, as Swamp Jawn covers that in his episode breakdown, including a watch of the Spanish dub.

The march of the boneless ham greatly benefited from animation.

The label following the hams into the blood was a solid gag.

All the character designs are first rate, but Orc Imouto is one of the best. (This cour, at least)

Again, Kui's design game is amazing, and Leed is one of her standouts - she manages to get an impressive balance of "orc", "feminine", "supportive", and "badass" with her. You can believe that she's the bloodthirsty captain of the warband - but you can also believe that once she understands why Chilchuck is so upset, she can kindly support him.

Phooky, you might like Toriko.

The best description of that series I've heard is "Chowder meets Fist of the North Star".
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Cooking Master Boy is another anime focused on food prep you might enjoy.
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