The Slap: Harry
February 19, 2015 8:01 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The omniscient narrator examines Harry's motivations. Hector tries to reconcile Harry with Rosie, Gary and Hugo, but the slappability of all concerned is simply too high.
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In the first episode I felt like Uma Thurman was pretty miscast, but the scene in this episode where Harry attempts to blackmail her felt a little better. Maybe it's the much younger boyfriend that throws me off. Very interested in next week's episode that I believe is centered on her character.

Also, the "apology" scene was done better than I had hoped. Like, Rosie was totally trying to get Harry to snap again when I though Harry was doing a good job of pretending to be actually sorry.

I mean really, this show is ridiculously heavy handed (SLAP), but the events and subject are pretty conversation-inducing.
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At this point now I've watched the entirety of the original series, which I ended up liking a lot. The show focused a lot on the perspectives of the women involved, and they were all pretty believable and compelling characters. I hope the American version keeps true to that. (It'll be interesting to see how they handle it since there's a lot of sex stuff they probably won't show on network tv, and we all know how scandalous women's sexuality is.)

I thought this episode was much better than the premiere.
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"but the slappability of all concerned is simply too high" -- Ha, good one! And so very, true, Countess Elena.

Harry, the batterer, adulterer, and walking NY 1%er stereotype, was most slap-worthy of all, followed closely by his cousin Hector, the married 40-year-old who is trying to romance a friggin' high schooler. Connie is applying to colleges, which means she is only 17 or 18, tops. Holy hell -- and good job shocking me with her super young age, show. The premiere had me thinking she was just about to turn 21 and already in college -- I mean, not that that extra 2-3 year age gap makes a huge difference except for the fact that, yes, it actually makes a huuuge difference. Creepy Hector.

So much over the top dialogue between Harry and his lawyer in the restaurant. What was the line - "from one 1%er to another" or something? No, nobody ever talks that way.

Rocco's story arc made me very sad. Cut from the team pretty much because his Dad is super fucked up and no one realizes that Rocco is at-risk. Seems like a pretty believable depiction of what goes down in tony US suburban schools.
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