Glee: Child Star
February 27, 2015 10:27 PM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

It's finally time to actually get to know the new Glee club kids, and I'm finding that I like 'em. Even Spencer. In other news, everyone performs at a bar mitzvah of a kid who's a pint-sized boy version of Rachel. Except brattier.

No alumni this week (or Klaine either), but it's finally time to focus on the new kids! And I can't speak for you, but I enjoyed 'em.

* Mason (guy twin) has a crush on Jane, but his sister Madison is suuuuper overprotective and maybe a little crazy on that scale. No, they're not dating, Madison basically thinks she's her brother's mother. Um, maybe that's not better.
* Spencer decides he's going to help Roderick get in shape...and it wouldn't hurt either if Roderick gave him a good word to his hot friend Alastair, who thinks Spencer is kind of a dick. Spencer's goony staring over Alastair Of The Hair is pretty cute though.

All of these plots wrap up within the episode--Madison calms down and Alastair hooks up with Roderick--but I"ll give 'em a pass since they're low on episodes by now.

In other news, Sue is sucking up to the superintendent to try to get Principal of the Year, and ends up having to kiss the ass of his 13-year-old nephew, Myron. Who is an AMAZING performer...but alas, a scary spoiled brat when not performing. Anyway, he wants the glee club to perform as opening acts to him at his bar mitzvah and the show is excellent. Sue starts flipping out when his uncle pulls strings to get Myron into high school and the club early.... Note title of the next episode over here (spoilers for titles/songs).

New club members: Alastair and Myron, so we're up to 8! Only four more to go until sectionals! And the performances just ROCKED--especially Mason, who was droolingly hot to probably more than just the tweens doing "I Want To Break Free."

Line of the episode: "I don't even care if this is some weird blood diamond money, I do deserve it." --Kitty to Myron after he gives her money. As long as he keeps paying, he'll always have a friend in glee club.
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The new kids are actually pretty interesting, it's a shame they'll have to be pushed to the side again...

I really wish Glee would have done one episode like Star Trek:TNG's "Lower Deck" telling the story from the backing band's perspective.
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I have been suspecting that Mason was going to be interesting, he is kind of a goth outside of the cheerios uniform.

I liked this episode and Spencer won my heart a bit even though that performance of "Friday, I'm in Love" killed me a little bit. He just doesn't have enough grit for it.
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