The Good Wife: Don't Fail
May 5, 2015 10:38 AM - Season 6, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Alicia explores different approaches to working at home.
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This episode left me absolutely flummoxed. I couldn't follow the trial-du-jour and then I was sidetracked by the Kalinda/Alicia scene, was it new? or from Season X? And then the second meeting was cut so obviously. Alicia wants to start fresh but then immediately treads the fine line of legality. She and Cary still seem to be cool and Zack's popped up again so that's good. Who's at the door?
posted by TWinbrook8 at 11:01 AM on May 5, 2015

- That obviously fake footage for the one Kalinda and Alicia flashback (the one of them drinking together was probably archival footage) really bugged. No one seems to know what went wrong between Julianna Margulies and Archie Punjabi, but it does seem childish and unprofessional for either or both of them to refuse to be in a scene together. It's hurting the show. You didn't see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson pulling this kind of crap on X-Files back in the day when they had gotten to the point of being sick of each other, and they had to make out.

- The fact that Julianna Margulies wears wigs (and a different one each season) for the role of Alicia must make hairstyling for flashbacks a snap. "When's the flashback set? Okay, break out the wig for that year!"

- The memoir was a dumb idea and I'm glad to see it fall by the wayside. Alicia's private life has been a matter for public discourse again and again, and now Alicia's going to sign up for another round of her own accord? Come on.

- What does everyone think of Alicia's new venture? It seems like a good idea to me that Alicia will get back to the basics of practicing law again, because she does love being a lawyer and will love the freedom of working for herself, but there is one possible problem: income. Will she be making enough to support her family? As governor of Illinois, Peter would be making about 180K or a bit more (current governor Patrick Quinn made $179,400 in 2012), and that's not going to cover the Florrick family's heavy expenses: the mortgage on Alicia's apartment; the mortgage on Peter's house (unless he's sold it as he may have done); Zach's college tuition and living expenses; Grace's private school tuition and upcoming college expenses; maintenance for their several cars; the designer clothes they all wear; all that red wine for Alicia. I know she got some 300K when she was bought out of Florrick Agos Lockhart, but that isn't going to last long under the circumstances.

- Speaking of red wine, Alicia really is too fond of her tipple. I rewatched all The Good Wife episodes from the beginning a few months back and her drinking really stood out to me.

- Alicia really is at a loss when her work is taken away from her. She really doesn't have any friends or interests outside of her work, her colleagues, and her family, and now that her work has been taken away from her and her kids are nearly entirely independent of her... yikes.

- Alicia couldn't have turned the maid's bedroom into a home office instead of using Zach's room? He is going to be coming home on holidays and vacations.

- Poor Cary. That moment when he thought he saw Kalinda made my heart hurt. He really loved her and now she's just gone like a gazelle.
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Re the wine, there was a quick bit where she waited until it was officially 5 pm before pouring a glass so between that and the Alicia/Kalinda scenes, I feel like the writers are just messing with us now.
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orange swan, we were all shouting, "What happened to the maid's bedroom?" on Sunday night. Apparently, the writers forgot, or figured we'd forget. But we never, ever forget.
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Haha we were wondering about the maid's bedroom too!

This show is good when it's Case of the Week, but it's BEST when Case of the Week gets interwoven with the strong interpersonal drama (Alicia, Peter, Cary, Diane, the-best-friend-formerly-known-as-Kalinda, etc.). This was certainly a less fraught (and more enjoyable) episode than the past few weeks.

But yeah, those intercut scenes "with" Kalinda were really uncomfortable. Hard to see how they can put that storyline to bed in any real way... please just put us out of our misery already.
posted by Zephyrial at 3:31 PM on May 6, 2015

It's crazy and childish that these two women can't get in the same camera frame for five minutes together for the good of the show. It makes me think less of Margulies.

Also, remember how Will became Kalinda's better on-screen buddy when Alicia wouldn't talk to her? Was that art imitating life, and did Josh Charles REALLY leave the show at least in part because he sympathized with Punjabi and didn't want to navigate around that atmosphere anymore?

I mean, did she kill someone? Sleep with your husband for reals? Because if so then I am with you, Julianna. Otherwise, suck it up and work it out.
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Feh. Weird fake flashback episode. Presumably archival footage of Alicia and Kalinda for fifteen seconds "proving" they'll be seen on screen together one last time (or whatever). I don't especially care to see Alicia as a solo lawyer working out of her bedroom (also, doesn't Grace have school to not answer the phone all day?), though I suppose the new girl and Finn along for the ride would be amusing. Then again, Alicia, you can't do another Will 2.0, really....

Eh. Another "feh, this wasn't what I wanted" episode.

How The Good Wife went bad.
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