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Typical - Thermos - Just like that - The traitor, the criminal, the lunatic and the woman - Trunk science - Nostalgia - CDC - the strong one - breakin' the law, breakin' the law - tea for two - tense and worried - taking sides
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This is the first episode in which we are told outright that there is a conflict occurring, a hidden war.
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Olivia's escape - including her presence of mind to bury her loot - was awesome.
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Harris is a completely unlikable character and never does show any redeeming value, which in later episodes makes it easy to see him go.

I find it interesting in this episode that that Olivia is the one who keeps getting locked up by "friends" as if she is the most dangerous person around. Foreshadowing maybe? Definitely disorienting.
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Part of me wishes that Harris was a little less of an obviously bad guy. The fact that Dunham busted him for molesting women removes quite a lot of the ambiguity about whether this is going to be a moustache-twirling villain or a good man at odds with the work of the Fringe division...

(Also, is there a comment here about the fact that Homeland Security is not just keeping him in work but giving him high-level assignments, despite this?)
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Recap episode! Bring on the extended explanations of backstory we already know! Yay!

"This won't take long": "I bet you say that to all the girls" = Best comeback ever.

Broyles: "Everybody do everything." Specific and to the point. Great management there.

Boston looks quite a lot like South London, specifically Deptford.

Harris: "I bet you didn't expect to see me again, Sassoon." A reference to the British war poet Siegried Sassoon (1886-1967). Perhaps Harris, in comparing Olivia to Sassoon, is making a covert reference to her status as a "recruit" and hinting at latent poetic ability.

Charlie: "Are you OK?" Olivia: "Yep." Do Americans say "yep" in this situation? In Australasian, "yep" delivered in such a clipped fashion basically translates as "go away. I don't want to talk to you." Is this North American parlance, or has Anna Torv momentarily slipped into Australian vernacular here?

Miles Kimburg's Boston College lecture. Hang on. If this guy is such a star researcher, why is he giving what's obviously a 101 lecture to 300 undergraduates? Doesn't he have an exploited adjunct he can pawn that work off on? Oh, there she is.

Walter: "At least he died teaching. A righteous profession." Yay Walter!

Cheesesteak: an obvious foreshadowing of the next episode, where victims die of an overdose of grilled cheese to the head.
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Harris: "I bet you didn't expect to see me again, Sassoon."

I think that's "I bet you didn't expect to see me again so soon", prosaically.
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I'm enjoying Sonny Jim's take on things, reads like an insight into Walter.
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I just can't take this weeks monster seriously, it's just Nero from Danger Mouse.
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But with spikes! Spikes are scary!
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I'm enjoying Sonny Jim's take on things, reads like an insight into Walter.
Oh I wish. I fear I'm just the Peter in all this, however.
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I think it was Olivia's escape in this episode that made me fall in love with her. And this:
"Don't take this the wrong way, Mr Harris, but I don't think about you all that often." BEST COMEBACK EVER. Mind you, Harris so clearly relishing having her cuffed to the bed completely creeped me out. Good thing he launched into "previously on Fringe" and undermined the menace.

A traitor, a criminal and a lunatic. What about Astrid? And Gene? And if something goes without saying, why do you say it? He might think he's doing it to make Olivia look stupid but he only makes himself look stupid. Can you tell I loathe Harris?

And yes, Sonny Jim, I think you parsed the "yep" correctly.

When will people learn that asking to use the bathroom means they're going to search your house for evidence?

Walter tells Olivia how worried Peter was when she'd disappeared. Peter looks embarrassed. Olivia smiles faintly. Charlie rolls his eyes and looks like he might be coming down with a giant cold virus. Brilliant.

Now I want a cheese steak. Which is annoying, since they don't make them in Oz. Sigh.
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