Suits: Denial
June 27, 2015 4:29 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Donna still wants to work for Louis, but Louis doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Harvey, who doesn't want her pity, so she goes back to Louis, who doesn't want her pity... . Basically, this one's all about how awesome Donna is -- as the whole show should be.

Suits is back. The best show on television that no one is talking about delves deep into Harvey's psyche, which is kind of a surprise for those of us who didn't think he had one. Louis (the best character on television) shows why he's the supervillain to Harvey's superhero, as he explains his motivations before making a (potentially) devastating decision, while Harvey just barrels ahead (mostly) on his own, damning the consequences as long as he does The Right Thing.

Mike and Rachel barely get to enjoy their engagement, as Rachel tries but fails to be as awesome as Donna is, and Mike resents how much she wants to make Harvey happy.

Oh, the case? Meh, who knows. Some damn thing about a trucking company and calling in debts and Mike comes up with a brilliant idea and a Donna-less Harvey fucks it up but then saves it, and Jessica glowers about how she likes ambition and there's some dude gunning for Harvey and blah blah blah. It looks like this is going to be more of a character-driven season than a plot-driven one (Mike's status as a not-really-lawyer doesn't get mentioned once).
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Harvey and Mike are getting less interesting to me every season. They were always more interesting together than as separate characters, but as Mike morphs more and more into Harvey, the dynamic between them disappears.

But I'll watch Donna and Louis, separately, together, or with anyone else, forever. Louis just gets better and better. And Rick Hoffman is just brilliant.
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There are a lot of stupid comments and moments in the show, but I swear this episode had what has to be in the running for top stupidest comment ever. I could see if Rachel said she didn't have time to study because she was helping Harvey, but saying she didn't take the test...Seriously? That made absolutely no sense. I know it's just a small little nit to pick, but it really, really bugged me.

And yes, now that Louis has Donna in his corner, I want to see him become kick-ass, super legal bastard. I want to see him ripping apart opposing council with his command of financial and legal regulations. I want to see him develop enough confidence to really, really shine.
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I kind of originally thought that Donna going to work for Louis was a step forward for everyone: Louis and Donna can meet one another's excellent devoted friendly professional mojo needs, and Donna and Harvey can explore the other thing, which Donna doesn't feel comfortable doing while also having the professional mojo with him.

But then it was all weird with him "rescuing" her and retreating into inscrutable Harveytude in the finale last year, so I'm confused about all of this. Donna and Louis indeed are so much more interesting than everyone else on the show (although I wish the gross sexual innuendos could be deep-sixed; can't coworkers of differing genders ever not go there?). And I can't believe Rachel seriously intends to marry Mike. Loved the Silence of the Lambs riffing with (and after) Jere Burns, though!

Enjoyable as always (although putting the significantly more worthy Mr. Robot right afterward does illustrate how little cattle Suits has relative to its amount of hat). My only real gripe is how they squander the divine resource that is Gina Torres.
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Loved the Silence of the Lambs riffing with (and after) Jere Burns, though!

Oh, shit, I forgot all about Jere Burns! Our modern era's go-to basic-cable weasel.
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FelliniBlank, I agree with you about Mr. Robot (and am hopeful about a FanFare discussion of it), but think that the pilot of Suits was just as good. They didn't keep it up, but television never can.
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Oh hai... I posted a couple episodes of this here last season but quit cuz it felt like no one was responding...heh...

Loved seeing Harvey go completely to pieces without Donna. Interested to see how Louis/Donna work out. Don't remember much about Mike & Rachel from this, and:

they squander the divine resource that is Gina Torres.

Amen, sometimes I think I could turn straight for that woman.
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