Suits: Tick Tock
March 1, 2016 2:00 PM - Season 5, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Mike briefly gets lucky with a great witness. As the jury deliberates, questions about loyalty are raised. Mike and Harvey make some tough decisions, trying to protect each other.

GAH! This show's cliffhangers always have me on edge!
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People on this show are so stupid. Sure, shout your secrets in a public space, who will hear it.
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I haven't watched this show since 2011, but I'm glad somebody is. It was the favorite of my then-boyfriend and I. We called it Lawyer Bros. When the opening credits song plays, you can sing along to it by going doot da doot da doot doot da, lawyer bros, doot da doot da doot doot da, lawyer bros. It totally works. Try it yourself.
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Aaand phunniemee has ruined one of my favorite current TV show theme songs. Thanks a lot.
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Anytime, mon frere.
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My roommate and I have wildly differing tastes in TV. But this show, Blindspot, New Girl, Mindy Project, and Walking Dead are the only shows we actually watch together. I gleefully suspend my disbelief with regards to the technical legal stuff, the same way most people would gloss over the details in Mr. Robot, but I love the characters, and I looooove Louis's eccentricities, and how the other characters take advantage of them.

Who wants to go mudding??
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I looooove Louis's eccentricities, and how the other characters take advantage of them.

Louis Litt as played by Rick Hoffman is the best character on television today. The most fully human, for good and for ill, on a show full of emotionally stunted superheroes.

Donna is not emotionally stunted, but she is a superhero.
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Donna is a superhero, but I'm kinda glad she choked when testifying and invoked the 5th amendment. Sometimes we have to be reminded that she's human.
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Donna is a perfect angel whose sole flaw is that she could not sully herself with the inherently imperfect act of lying.

(Behind-the-scenes note: Sarah "Donna" Rafferty and Gabriel "Harvey" Macht have been friends for more than 20 years, and she only auditioned for the role because he wanted to work with her.)
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Donna is a TV superhero name on the down-low. (Donna Paulsen on Suits. Donna Noble on Doctor Who. Donna Moss on The West Wing. OK, maybe not entirely Donna Abandondo on NYPD Blue, but you catch my drift.)
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Don't get me wrong, I like this show, but if you have secrets, don't talk about them in public places or hallways. Like Louis and Harvey did in this episode.
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Yeah, I don't remember the last episode where I didn't mutter "Maybe you could close your door before this conversation?" at least once.
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