Wonderfalls: Pink Flamingos
August 12, 2015 8:08 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Jaye nearly kills two people trying to avoid her high school reunion and ends up helping end a disasterous marriage.

A bit of a loopy, long winded episode, but I love Gretchen Speck and I love that she's a constant in every Bryan Fuller series. she's even in Hannibal! I really like her self actualizaton at the end here.

This was the last episode to be aired but the second on the DVD, the Television Withiut Pity review at the time.

The show continues to be SO 90s.

Observation: all three of the executive producers on this show where gay men, do you think that has any effect on the tone or style? Is there a camp aesthetic?
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One of my favorite TV moments ever is when Gretchen Speck responds to her "devoted" follower by basically saying, "Thanks for helping to restore my self-confidence, you creepy fucking stalker. Now go away."
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Also: losing the hyphen but keeping the ring!
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Jaye being forced to help Gretchen, followed by "Destroy her!" And her deadpan "I destroy you."
"That is not the Janet I want to be."
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Oh hi there, Veronica Mars theme song!
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Yes yes yes, the last few minutes of newly-self-confident Gretchen Speck were a wondrous thing to behold.

Also love that Beth gets to be explicitly bi or pan or at any rate not a lesbian. One can maybe guess that from the whole "formerly married to a dude" thing but I'll take whatever scraps of unapologetic bisexual representation I can get on my television. Even if it's in the form of a show cancelled over a decade ago. Sigh.
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apparently they planned for Beth to be a bigger character but the network threw a shit fit over a lady kiss and they compromised by cutting her down to almost nothing, which is a shame, why can't Sharon have nice things?!

Something similar happened with Dead Like Me in that Georgia's dad was going to have a Secret Gay Past and then that never happened. Eddie the werewolf on Mockingbird Lane was planned to have to deal with werewolf powers AND Emerging gayness but that never got to be a series either.
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