Wonderfalls: Crime Dog
August 20, 2015 2:09 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Jaye gets into an increasingly convoluted situation involving the family maid, border control, the feds, and a cow creamer.

One of the most beloved episodes, and with good reason, Crime Dog is a farce made of fluffy frosting compared to last week's serious questions of faith - complete with ridiculous accents, cold opens, and sneaking lesbian sex jokes past the censors. The show really feels like it found its confidence and tone.

The AV Club loved it

This is the first (and real only time) the Tyler siblings are all in on something together and their dynamic is great - Jaye is totally the ignored 3rd wheel in their Older sibling/Younger Sibling bickering but Aaron is totally game for any insane plot Jaye comes up with if it will annoy Sharon.
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Imagine maintaining a fake accent for 20 years
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I really loved this episode. It worked so well in so many ways, especially blowing poor Aaron's mind with the cow.

Aw, Yvette. Too bad they didn't have the budget to have her in more episodes.
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I really enjoyed this episode! It was a big relief after the nun episode. It's great to see so much of the Tyler sibling/family interactions.

Was the choice of a cow creamer a nod to Jeeves and Wooster?
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I love everything involving Lee Pace and the cow creamer.
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