Wonderfalls: Muffin Buffalo
August 25, 2015 10:59 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jaye tries to help a shut-in neighbor re-enter society while the muses tell her not to give another neighbor her disability checks that were delivered to Jaye by mistake.

AV Club Review! I agree the muse-related plot line was the weakest one so far, although even though I was cringing expecting a lot of LOLFAT jokes, it washed out in the end focusing more on his awkwardness and social anxiety. The best stuff is still the sibling interactions, everyone has amazing chemistry which helps the slight wheel-spinning feel.

Beth Grant reprises the role of Ms. Beetle on Pushing Daises and is the go-to actor for meddling busybodies. She doesn't think you believe in Sparkle Motion.

"I keep people I'm trying to impress away from my family!"
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posted by The Whelk at 11:06 AM on August 25, 2015

This was a weird one, but I loved how at the end Jaye got SO ANGRY that after all that, she really had wound up helping the two of them.
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“I’m not nice! I’m just highly susceptible to guilt.”

“You have the wrong idea about you.”
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This is one of my favorite episodes. Jaye's creeping guilt about the checks as the episode goes on, hoo boy. And heck, she's actually trying to be nice to someone!
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What a weird episode! Lots of highs, lots of lows. Like last episode, the sibling interactions are some of the best parts, especially the way Aaron went totally over the top believing Jaye must be losing it. I also really enjoyed the string of coincidences where Jaye kept coming out looking like a hero (first the baby and the ring, then the guy with the rum drink). Loved the Sparkle Motion next door neighbor. I definitely didn't need all the fat jokes at the beginning, and I didn't really believe Jaye's obsession with her neighbor (two entire photo albums, really?).
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