Wonderfalls: Safety Canary
August 27, 2015 4:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Jaye and Eric's first date goes awry when Jaye, upon a muse's instruction, causes a rare bird to go wild and gets the bird keeper fired. Jaye, Eric, and the bird keeper then go on a mission to "save the lovebirds" while Mahandra tries to warn Jaye against getting too close to Eric.

AV Club Review! Pretty great episode over all, and the start of Wonderfalls' excellent serialized backend
. This was sadly the last role for Kellie Waymire, playing Penelope, who died of a heart attack shortly after filming. You may know her as Melissa on Six Feet Under.

And the first appearance of Jewel Staite as Eric's wife. Most commonly known as Kaylee from Firefly, she also starred n The Apartment Complex with Hannibal regular Aaron Abrams

“I shouldn’t have said babies as much as birds. It’s a b-word!”

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According to the commentary this episode would've laid the seed for a second season plot where Sharon has a miraculous virgin pregnancy.
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Yeah, the mental image of that 'virgin pregnancy' squicks me out. Kinda like certain things I've heard that were intended for Inara on Firefly, that plot almost makes me glad there wasn't a second season.

Other than that, Penelope was sweet and the actress's death was sad.

Jewel Staite is....yeah, quite a switch from what we're used to here.
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There were a lot of those weird "small band of the next scene" wipes in this episode - any specific reason, or was this just because they could?

I also got hints of the Hannibal to come with the heart flying out of chest / Jaye catching still-beating heart sequence. And it was delightful.

Mahandra: "You're in the toying stage; I can almost hear that clicking sound my cat makes."
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This episode was pretty good! I think my favorites so far always involve the Tyler siblings.

A cliffhanger ending! That's new! All the other episodes have felt totally self-contained.
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Yeah this starts the much more serialized backend of the series where it really starts working and gelling and woe that it didn't get a chance to explore that
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