Cyberpunk Club: What movie should we watch first?
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I'm thinking of what movie we should watch first for the cyberpunk club. I'm leaning towards Hackers since this year is the movie's 20th year anniversary and since it just came out on Bluray.

However we can start off with other cyberpunk movies. Maybe Blade Runner? And, if so, then which version? Maybe we can do a thing where we watch a different version each week or each month?

Here are some cyberpunk movies I have in mind:

Blade Runner
Nirvana (1997 film)
The Ghost in the Shell movie
Matrix (maybe the trilogy as a whole or just the first one?)
Demolition Man
Strange Days
The Net

Just throwing it out there. Any ideas?

Also, we can obviously do series as well. I'm just thinking of starting out with a movie or two.
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I should note that the level of difficulty of acquiring and watching any movie should come into play since some films are hard to get. Nirvana, last I checked, was on Netflix in the U.S. however I haven't checked its availability in other regions. That's the U.S.-dub though. The original Italian version, which has English subtitles and is longer with more scenes, dialogue, etc. seems to only be available by ordering the dvd. That's just one example.
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I have Sneakers and Strange Days on my to-watch list, if it helps.
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How about some obscure ones (some deservedly so) to round out the list?

Until the End of the World
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
Freejack (note: laughably bad.)
Johnny Mnemonic
Max Headroom (BBC TV movie)
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And does Zardoz, technically about the haves and the have-nots in a post-singularity world, still count as cyberpunk?
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Do the have-nots still have access to high technology? Because my personal baseline for cyberpunkdom is a penetration of high technology through all social classes.
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But the question still remains: what should we watch first? I vote Hackers.
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Hackers yes! Looks like Zardoz no.
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Another +1 to watching Hackers first.
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Yes to Hackers.

Lawnmower Man should be on the list of future movies.
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Zero Theorem?
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Also, maybe Primer?
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I wouldn't recommend anyone watch Zero Theorem, club or no.
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Is the list restricted to Films? What about Mr Robot and ... take a beat... ok full-on-rimshot ...Scorpion?

Hackers or Johnny M.
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I don't think it should be restricted to films. We can do the whole pantheon of Mr. Robot, Scorpion, and CSI: Cyber.

Looks like most of the votes are Hackers and since it's apparently on Netflix now in full 1080p I'll make a thread about it tonight or tomorrow.
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Uhm, i'll do it now.
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No Wargames?
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So we did Hackers. What's next?
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I'd say Strange Days, but I can't find it streaming. How about Existenz?
posted by infinitewindow at 5:13 PM on September 30, 2015

Hmmm, how about that or Nirvana?
posted by I-baLL at 12:23 PM on October 4, 2015

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