Concrete Revolutio: An Iron Couple
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In Shinka year 47, an expat stranded for 27 years returns to a hero's welcome. In year 41, a string of bombings that leave no evidence, targeting Yatsuka Heavy Industry, attract the attention of both the Superhuman Bureau and the cyborg Inspector Shiba. Each has their own personal reasons for interest in the attacks.
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Sorry for being a day late.
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This is one of the episodes that benefits more from a rewatch.

The laid-back way they do their timeskips gets annoying in this episode. One of the characters changes their appearance in each time period, and that further confuses the matter since the plot is in part about the similarities and differences of certain things.
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>One of the characters changes their appearance in each time period,

I read where somebody was saying that blonde hair means you're a delinquent. (In this case it also meant I couldn't tell who the hell he was supposed to be...)

It feels like they've got a LOT of information to convey and they're just trying to get through it all, and they don't have time to linger over anything, or fool around with silly stuff like human moments or character interactions. The result is that I kinda feel like the characters don't have personalities; they're just there because all this story has to happen to SOMEbody. They stand there with their mouths hanging open and watch it all happen, and then jump in a car and double-time it to the next location where they heard some more story is gonna happen.

The problem is, if we never see them just hanging out, if there's not some convincing warmth between them, then who cares if they fall out or stop trusting one another or whatever? The show's got a lot of fun ideas, but I feel like it's neglecting some important details...
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What they seem to be doing is building one episode around each of the main characters in the ensemble...
1: Kikko
2: Fuurota
3: Shiba
My guess is that after the first half the series (the characters remaining seem to be the beast woman, the time guy, and the old grey-haired dude; leaving out Jiro since a facet of his backstory seems to be touched on in every episode), they'll have a longer story arc which, if not less chaotic, will at least be less frantically trying to cover as much ground as possible.
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Timeline so far in the show:

Shinka 41, July: Kikko and Jiro first meet and Kikko joins the Superhuman Bureau (ep. 1);
Shinka 41, August: Fuurota frees Campe, releases the virus on the Tartarus Bugmen, joins the Superhuman Bureau (ep. 2)
Shinka 42, February: Type A android Mieko Kohrogi targets Yatsuka Heavy Industry (ep. 3)
Shinka 46, April: Kikko tries to bring Jiro back to the Superhuman Bureau (ep. 1)
Shinka 47, February: Type B android Kaoru Handa returns to Japan; Jiro and Raito fight (ep. 3)
Shinka 48, August: Fuurota encounters the adult Campe (ep. 2)
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So by Shinka 47, both Jiro and Raito have gone rogue. Just what happened between years 42 and 46?
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