Limetown: The 911 Call
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APR's Lia Haddock responds to a leaked 911 call involving her and a survivor from Limetown.
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Given the lack of schedule for Limetown, I like how they're doing these mini episodes to give us a little warning when the next full episode is approaching. Monday should be exciting.
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I am really looking forward to tomorrow! But I also wish that they had hired an actor who sounded a little bit more like an actual news anchor, because that really sounded very fake.
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Yeah, that NBN-or-whatever report was baaad. I'm not sure about these teasers and sidelines and "This is happening right now!" sorts of things -- common amongst Limetown and The Black Tapes and The Message seems to be this compulsion to say, in-universe, "We have assembled a complete story, and it's X episodes long," and then blowing either or both of the halves of that sentence.
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Do you think the three-minute episodes count toward the seven-episode total? Because I want MOAR!

Also, I should really look at how long an episode is before putting it on for a half-hour drive.
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I actually thought there was a charmingly retro quality to the badness of that fake news broadcast, but yeah, I'm increasingly confused as to the in-universe status of the investigation. I guess the way to explain it would be that, in-universe, Lia and Alex of The Black Tapes Podcast know that they have a set number of episodes they're budgeted/scheduled for, so they can say "we're running for x episodes" even though their investigations are ongoing.

I'd also buy that Lia had enough material assembled for seven episodes of her Limetown story before she started following additional leads and getting embroiled in a dangerous and active investigation.
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Wait, I'm confused. Who is this guy that Lia shot? Have we met him?
posted by Rock Steady at 6:46 AM on November 4, 2015

> Wait, I'm confused. Who is this guy that Lia shot? Have we met him?

It's covered in Episode 4, which was posted earlier this week.
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Oh, OK. I thought I had forgotten something crucial and I didn't want to move on to the next episode without figuring it out. Too clever for my own good!
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