Limetown: Episode 4: DDoS
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Max Finlayson, Missing Male #4 from Limetown, divulges the purpose of the doomed research facility to APR journalist Lia Haddock.

More details on the mind-meld experiment, including that a "supplement" (including a very, very small amount of LSD) kept people from being overwhelmed with all the thoughts of everyone around them. Finlayson is paranoid, claiming that someone is going to kill him now that he has re-appeared and talked to Lia.
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I liked Finlayson's attitude. Too bad he's gone, but then again, he knew he was gone.

Uh, what was that whole movie bit about?

This whole mindreading plot gets more and more interesting.
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Yeah, that movie bit was weird. My only thought is that they're trying to do a little world building.

When he said "I was wrong", I think he meant about the tone working to disable the implants. That final noise sounded like what he played the piano for what death sounded like. I guess for Lia to be able to record it, maybe it was coming from the loudspeakers and they were receiving sounds directly from his transmitter???
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I took that as worldbuilding, too.

I liked the way that he seemed as "off" as both of the previous contacts, while insisting (like they did, I suppose), that he was normal and not fundamentally changed by the experience.

And who is "the man they were there for?"
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And who is "the man they were there for?"

My bet is it's Lia's uncle.
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I just realize I must have missed the reference to the title (DDoS) in the episode. Did anyone catch it?
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I feel like this was the best episode yet. Really engrossing, loved the voice acting for Finlayson. And wow, if there's one thing Limetown is really good at, it's the chilling ending.

Not sure what DDoS is referencing. Wikipedia tells me that a DDoS is "when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised systems (for example a botnet) flooding the targeted system with traffic." Is this effectively what the people of Limetown did to Oscar?

What is it that Finlayson says at the end before saying "Lia, thank you for speaking with me"? I thought it was "Goodbye Percy," but I'm not sure.
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DDoS - I thought it referred to what Finlayson was trying to do with the speakers to his foreshadowed attackers -- run a noise that floods their mind communication system so that they're unable to function. It apparently didn't work.

The end was KILLER. I was kind of eh about the closing of ep3, but this one I thought was incredible.

In keeping with the liquids observations (has that been discussed here? Winona with the tea, the pastor with the bourbon), Finlayson offered Lia seltzer. And she took it, with a refill -- is this the first time she's accepted a beverage from a survivor? His references to Winona made me laugh.

I thought the movie buff / Peabody-winning reporter was off, but I don't think he'll come back into the storyline.

Yasaman, I also heard, "Goodbye, [name]." We didn't get any insight into who or what Finlayson's connected to (emotionally), so not sure who it would have been.
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At the end of the 911 call, Lia said "I have to go back." I'm wondering exactly how to parse that.

I think if she was from Limetown, she'd have had the implant, so she'd have connected to the people she interviewed.
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So good. A step up from the other eps to be sure. The acting was the best in this one and also the pacing was very well done. The foreshadowing all along of the loudspeakers, the musical tones, all leading up to the phone call where you hear in the background that he's turned on the panic system... amazing.

Also, his nonchalant tone on the phone call at the end was so chilling. For a moment you think he's ok but then.... He's clearly not.
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Did anyone get a real Red Reddington vibe from the Finlayson performance?

No joke, at first I thought it was Robert Krulwich from Radiolab, but just for a second. He had a similar way of rounding out his 'Z' sounds.

Also, his nonchalant tone on the phone call at the end was so chilling.

Yeah, and the screeching effect at the end made me just about jump out of my skin on a busy street in broad daylight. It's weird because I normally hate jump scares in visual media, but I'm loving this.
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